Monday, January 9, 2012

Hansa Day 6- Tired and Wired

It's late and I need to get some sleep so I am going to try and make this short. Well short for me anyways. I have had a horrible time with insomnia. Compared to some of my friends my trouble sleeping is nothing but it has definitely been rough the past few nights. I am sure I didn't get to bed before midnight the last three nights, I guess it would 4 counting tonight. In fact I didn't go to sleep until about 2:30 this morning. It is driving me nuts. Once I am asleep though, I do seem to be sleeping better than normal. Needless to say I was tired today. At least my day ended early so I go almost a 2 hr. nap. This week is much busier than last and the owner/head doctor is in this week. I am hoping I get a chance to chat with him even if its for a minute.

I started this morning off by seeing the doctor. He did some minor work with the percussor on my upper back and neck area. Then we went into something called bio coherence. Basically it involved the BRS to see first if my cells were able to communicate and second if there were speaking the same language. That uncovered a lot of messed up stuff. I took a one time homeopathic remedy and he proceeded to make me another remedy to add to my list. This one however I will not refill. Once my bottle is gone, I will be done. Because of some energy level stuff Dr. J wanted me to increase the one pill I take from once a day to twice a day. No big deal. Once we finished with the bio coherence we went on to some emotional stuff. I honestly forgot what they call this but they are a couple of things they will be looking at today we used flower essence to check for emotional things. The four or five emotional issues that came forward were pretty interesting and I guess looking back tonight I see how they were right on. Those emotional issues were playing a part in my bodies ability to heal. Bringing those to the surface added some more things to my new remedy so it now contained 13 different things in one bottle. The cool thing was, after we got that cleared up, I no longer needed to take those additional pills. Dr. J said there was some clearing out in my adrenals and hopefully this will help the energy/vitality stuff. I feel like my body is cooperating pretty well with the plan and things are moving along fairly well. That makes me happy of course. As far as the emotional things go, I may or may not feel anything. So two things happened after seeing the doctor. I was super tired and yawning a lot but at the same time I felt wired for a little bit. Some of the treatments that usually put me to sleep or almost to sleep I could not rest. So kind of weird to be tired and wired and at the same time. But maybe that is a sign of things to come. Then during my massage, it was also hard to relax and I was thinking of some random and not so great stuff. I realized that this was probably a release from the emotional stuff. It was all starting to make sense. It was kind  of enlightening. I do some things to deal with or let go off. Hopefully this new remedy will help.

To end with I want to go over my top 20 list of problems. This is what I mentioned I was going to ask the doctor to go over with me from my first day. It is actually two top 10 lists. I will just run down the lists and will probably have more information on it later on in the weak. Oh and before I forget my massage therapist said her type of massage is called "custom"...she uses all the techniques as I need. Her suggestion is to go the schools when I get back and want a massage. They will be trained in it all and I will be good practice for them and they are cheaper. Good idea. Ok back to the lists.

Top 10 organs in order of most important to least (again this is what the body revealed to the doctor on the first day in the BRS)
1. Adrenals 2. Spleen 3. Liver 4. Heart 5. Ovaries 6. Pituitary 7. Pineal 8. Hypo-thalmus 9. Thyroid 10. Bladder

Top 10 chemical/nutritional issues body revealed in order of most to least important
1. Virus (things like EBV, HHV6, and my pneumonia's) 2. Bacteria (Lyme, etc) 3. Deficiency (I am deficient in something...could be the Vit d) 4. Toxicity 5. Hormones (Interesting that ovaries and hormones are both number 5) 6. Enzymes 7. Metabolic (absorption) 8. Yeast 9. Fungus 10. Allergies

So that is it for tonight. Now to try and go to sleep in the next hour or so. At least I don't have to get up to early. I don't go in until 10 and don't even see the doctor until 4 so tomorrow will be a late day. Thanks for following along on my journey. Keep the prayers coming.

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