Friday, January 13, 2012

Hansa Day 10- This is Only the Begining

A hindrance to everyday miracles is that everyone looks at the lives of the people around them and sees only mutual misery. When disease becomes the norm most accept the disease as their lot in life by saying, "Why should I strive for anything else?" You must separate yourself from what the world says is normal and align all that you are to what God says is true (Romans 12:2).- excerpt from Everyday Miracles by God's Design by Dr. David A Jernigan

I am officially done with my last day at the Hansa Center. I do believe I received an everyday miracle of healing here and I am more thankful than words can express for what I have experienced. Each day going forward, I am expecting continued healing in my body and I know things will only get better.

Again today it has been hard to put my finger on what is different, but things are changing. After talking with the doctor I agree that it is like an "energetic" shift I am feeling. If you just went down my list of 20 some odd symptoms and asked what was better I wouldn't say a whole lot. But there is this underlying feeling of health and vitality mixed with bouts of energy that has me bouncing off the walls like a kid on a sugar high. I had to fight to keep my mouth quiet and my talking to a minimum the entire day. There are a few friends and family out there that know exactly what I am talking about. I talk a mile a minute, about anything and everything and just wear people out. This feeling makes me smile though. It is just like about 8 or 9 months ago when I had a random episode like this. It was almost like going back 18 or 20 years. It reminds me of the true me that go lost in feeling bad. There is a reason multiple people over the course of my life "randomly" would nickname me Sunshine. Well my sunny disposition is back and I vow to never let it get lost through life's trials again.

I may have a long journey ahead of me to get to complete healing but I am well on my way and I am going to learn to live in the moment. Each moment is a gift and I am going to do my best to appreciate them and to share God's love and light with everyone I can. I am learning that I am someone who can feel other peoples energy as well. The benefit of that is that I can now let my positive energy overwhelm someones negative energy instead of letting them be a drain on me. I think it also allows me empathetic towards other people. Gods going to use me in big ways. I can't wait.

Besides all of my positive energy there are some things to share on a more physical level about where I go from here. First off, I have totally changed my view of medicine and how I will proceed in mine and my families overall health. Biological and energy medicine will become a big part of our lives for sure. More on that later though. As far as I go...the doctor feels I am stable. The goal, as I may have mentioned earlier, is to get you stable if not better before you leave. I am stable but certainly have areas that I will continue to heal in as we go. One of the surprising things to me though, is how well my body cooperated. The doctor got to do things he normally doesn't in someones first two weeks. I don't think I realized how strong my body is. Over the last few years, I had fallen prey to some ideas over how sick I was and what the chances were of me getting better. After all, we believe I have had Lyme for about 26 years and it's not curable so what will my new normal have to be? What a sad way of thinking. There is no reason why incredible health and great things are out of my reach and unavailable to me. I am not reduced to a life of pain, sadness, and IV antibiotics. For those of you who are chronically ill, guess what , you don't have to be either. You can be well. You need to expect "everyday miracles". We serve an awesome God and nothing is out of reach.

Sorry for getting off track. So back to treatment. The plan is for me to stay on my remedies/supplements for about 60 days. I am not going to start or stop any medications or supplements in this time barring emergencies of course. I will be using my sauna multiple times week if not daily as well as doing daily epsom salt baths. I will be continuing to see my acupuncturist and maybe a new chiropractor as needed probably once or twice a month. I will do the ionic foot baths and massage as I can. I will go back to biophoton light therapy as my doctor wants. Both doctors at Hansa seemed really impressed with my doc and I really see some great things happening between them all in the future. I am so glad that this is working out. I don't know if I will go back to my LLND or not. Right now I think things are covered but I do believe she is a great doctor and I am glad to have her as a resource.

As far as coming back to Hansa...the doctor would like me back in about 6 maybe 8 weeks. I need to have my port removed not because they said but because I am done with the IV's and I am not going back. I am also going to try and have my retainer removed. Interestingly enough, Dr. J thinks the removing the retainer could cause me more issues then having the port removed.

Your body doesn't pay attention to names. It doesn't know what we call the bacteria and it really doesn't care. So just like when I gave you my top ten lists that would work for my kids. Although they maybe able to confirm that Lyme bacteria is present I just want my kids healthy and I believe we can get a good head start with out antibiotics or invasive methods by bringing them here. I am not going to worry about how this may all come together. I am keeping the faith. God has been working behind the scenes with my family and some things and I know this is a big year for us. I couldn't be more excited about the future than I am right now. Oh, we did challenge my vagus nerve this morning and got a little something to resolve but it may not have any affect on my heart. Again, as I continue to heal new things may come up. We were certainly able to get beyond the top layer of my problems and as things get resolved new things could show them selves. Its not that they are just happening but more so that they are uncovered now that the more pressing and serious issues have been resolved.

Well, I am feeling like that is a good place to end for now. I still have some pictures to upload. I will end up blogging about my trip home and will certainly keep you posted on how I am feeling. I may just do it once a week for a little while to give us all a break. I wanted to take one minute and talk about some of my new friends. First off Caity (and her amazing mom Joni), Sabine (and her wonderful husband Jack) and I all came here and started treatment for the first time last week. We are have become good friends as we have shared our journeys together over the past two weeks. I am so blessed to have them in my life and am going to miss them all. Second the staff at Hansa are all amazing and I will miss them. Crystal, my massage therapist, is AMAZING (not just at what she does, but as a person). Thank you for the amazing work you did and how much you helped me. Lastly the other families and people I met this week have been incredible as well. Nothing but stories of love and healing pouring out of this place. Some new like me others back for their third or fourth time. Some with strokes and ms, lots with lyme, so many different stories each seeming to have their own everyday miracles. And all the glory goes to God. It is Him, working through people. This is an experience I will never forget and I will do whatever I can to help other people experience everyday miracles. You don't have to be sick or come here for miracles to happen. They can and do happen right where you are at in your life! Many thanks and love to all of the people who have supported me in prayer or through an encouraging words. It means so much. Check in with you all soon.


  1. Awesome friend!!! So well-said and eloquently put!! We love you and will miss you and thank God that you are in our lives!! You are a blessing and will be a blessing to others in your journey!! So glad for FB to be able to keep in touch. You are a beautiful vibrant person and also an amazing mom! We will continue to EXPECT every day miracles!!!!
    ~~Joni (logged in as Caity--but definately NOT Caity!!)

  2. Jessica - I've really enjoyed following your posts about your journey to the Hansa Center. Am so glad that you are feeling some relief from some of your symptoms. Your posts about the treatment methods have been very helpful. Am continuing to send you good thoughts for your healing and hope to run into you again soon at Dr. N's office. Much love! - Bonni