Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hansa Day 8- My Ancestors

The heart of the wise teaches the heart and adds understanding to the lips- Psalm 16:23

Today was another interesting day. In fact I don't think any day here is not interesting. As has been the norm I didn't sleep great. I usually feel my best in the morning, after I get up and get going. So although I was tired I didn't feel too bad. The first thing I did was the Ionic foot bath. I always look doing that later in the day because I have usually stirred some things up and then I am removing them in the foot bath. So I wasn't sure what this mornings would look like. It pulled hardly anything out. To me that means one of two things- it didn't have anything to pull out since I did one later in my day yesterday or I am really making progress. Hopefully I will be able to tell by what tomorrows looks like.

I was tired but still had that kind of energized feeling at the same time. My brain was definitely having problems today. My head was spinning with thoughts and I couldn't read to save my life. I would one sentence and not retain any of it so I would read it again and again. It was very frustrating but maybe part of the retracing process. I could also tell that I am starting to get "hyper" in my talking. I am talking faster and more so that is definitely some of the old me coming back. Good or bad...I guess I will know when I talk to my husband.

By the time the afternoon came I seemed to quickly go down hill. I had a couple of dizzy episodes, and my  arms and legs just seemed week. My forearms hurt a little. My heart had been acting up a little and I had some shortness of breath. So that was perfect timing for me to see the doctor. My left shoulder started burning right after I got on the table so he worked on that to release some tension. Then we did more neurophoton therapy involving delta waves (I believe). This is what helps me stay asleep. We definitely had some things to resolve there. I only had to take about half as many homeopathics as yesterday but I did come away with a new remedy. This one is for myasims. Not sure on the spelling. Basically these are things my ancestors have passed down through the generations "energetically". So diseases or problems my ancestors had, would be passed on in the form of energy that imprints on the cells. They may or may not manifest symptoms but by resolving these, we can hopefully keep them from passing on (if I were to have more children) and they may resolve current symptoms. Basically we came up with syphilis which is really common in most families, cancer, and something that dealt with OCD, alcoholism, etc...Dr. J even said I could have obtained some of that from my husbands ancestry as well. Anyways, it was really interesting. Glad we got some of those things resolved.

Overall a good day and I still feel like we are making progress. The doctor certainly believes we are. I feel lucky that I am moving on to things a lot of people don't get to do this visit. I am looking forward to feeling better with each passing day. Thanks for following along. Keep the prayers coming, especially for sleep.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I am also a patient at Hansa. I see Dr. Jernigan. I just did a week before Christmas and I am going back to see him again next week.
    I know that you are finishing up your two weeks there and if i may I would like to offer a bit of advice. It is normal to feel anxious about going home. You have been in a healing bubble for 2 weeks. You have had no obligations or real stress. You CAN continue to heal at home. I started a program called the healing code whih I have found really helpful. It is easily available on amazon. I also ordered some of the alphsonic CD's. They are the ones that they use during therapy. It helps to ground me and keep my mind and body focused on the healing that was already done at the center.
    I wish you all the luck on your journey. I know you will get there.
    Take care,