Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hansa Day 3- Body Language

Today marks the end of day three and I must admit I am feeling ok. In fact a thing or two may even be a little bit better. Despite an excruciating headache last night, I feel asleep easier than the night before and slept really well with out waking up a bunch. That is a big deal for me since I usually am awake through out the night. Weather it has to do with my new supplement or not I don't know for sure but I will take it regardless. Also for the second day in a row my feet haven't been cold. I know for many of you that sounds silly but when you are cold and your feet are chilled inside your Uggs in a house that is 72 degrees to the point that you have to get into a hot bath multiple times a day to get warm then this is a big deal. So yay for warm feet. The joint and muscle pain that was really bad has eased up as well. So far I am really impressed with everything.

Today was very similar to the last two days. My treatments don't vary much other than their order and the areas of the body they are targeting. Maybe this weekend I will take the time to write up a little definition of each treatment. I realize that I have not explained all of them adequately. Anyways, I really wanted to tell you a little more about the bio-resonance scanning or as I call it sign language for the body. This technique of asking the body questions is done a couple of times a day. The massage therapist uses it to determine what essential oils you may need and what things may be going wrong. It was so interesting because I had my massage this morning and the first thing she told was that I needed something for gastro stuff. (TMI coming) I told her my digestion was actually doing better but she said, well your body still says it needs it. Then I told her that I was having some cramps and ovary pain that wasn't normal this time of the month. She said that is all related. Then she told me I needed some stuff for sore muscles. I hadn't even told her my my arms and legs were really achy but she knew. I am believing more and more every day. The even crazier thing was tonight I did get kind of sick to my stomach. So my body told her before me. Crazy! I was also having some low back pain. She worked a lot on that area and said she felt like it was not all muscle but that I might have a descended colon, so my colon had dropped. That was confirmed a little later by the doc.

I went and saw the doctor after my massage. We discussed symptoms and what had improved then it was time for some work. He did some BRS and and some more myofascial release with the percussor (?). Her went beyond my spine this time and worked on the arms and legs and the organs. He agreed with the colon and it seems like most of my organs were out of place. He fixed it while I was laying down but when I sat up the organs moved again so he did the therapy while I was sitting up. Then we discussed treating my scars. I did tell him, that my scars had been treated with the light therapy at my doctors but he wanted to do them again using his procedure to make sure they were clear. First he determined which of my four needed attention. It was only my thyroid and my port scar that needed work. We used the laser, oil, and a special pen type device that send a tiny shock to clear up any bound energy in these scars. Although the pen thing was a little uncomfortable he had an amazing way to show me it worked. This blew me away. Dr. J brought out this doll that sings when you hold her hands. She has two little metal buttons so to speak on her hands and when you hold them in yours you complete the circuit and she begins singing. (I think it was ring around the rosie) Then I held one hand, he held one hand and then touched me with the other and she sang again. This showed that we could complete the circuit together. Then he repeated this and touched me along my thyroid scar, she wouldn't sing but made some static noise. Then he did this on my port scar and there was nothing. So he treated my scars, and repeated the test with the doll and this time she sang on my thyroid scar and made static on my port scar. It was very cool. I am learning so much and totally believe in energy medicine. You would almost have to see this for your self. Tomorrow we are going to treat some cranial-sacral issues that are effecting my brain and what not. So I am sure I will have a lot to report tomorrow. I have a slight headache creeping back, but overall I don't feel to bad. I detoxed a bunch of lymph, joint, and I thing gallbladder stuff out of my foot bath today. I will be detoxing myself and my family from here on out. Everyone needs to do it. There are going to be some major changes in our house about food choices, chemicals, use of plastics, etc...It is crazy how much junk we are exposed to and what it does to us.

With that I am off to detox in the bath and get some much needed rest. Here is to another night of improving sleep and no more cold feet! As always, thanks for the support.

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  1. the part about the singing doll is eerie!