Monday, January 2, 2012

Hansa Day 1- Information Overload

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jerimiah 29:11

I have always loved this verse and it seems to so fitting as to have popped up the last couple of days. I believe it is God's way of giving me hope. This verse is even in the Hansa Center lobby. I saw it when I walked in this morning and it gave me instant peace. Out of everything I took into today, that verse sticks out the most.

Today was indescribable. I don't know exactly what I was expecting but I know I got so much more than I thought possible. I had not even started any treatments and I was ready to scream to the world, you need to come here. How soon could I book my whole family a trip to come out here and get healthy. I realized very early in my day that I needed to clarify what I am really doing here in Kansas. I am not here for Lyme Disease treatment. I am here to restore my bodies balance and achieve optimum. It may sound strange, but ultimately the doctors at the Hansa Center don't care too much about what specifically is causing your body to malfunction. They care about restoring it's function. I mean they do look at viruses, bacteria, chemical issues, etc...but if you don't have a clue what is wrong with you, you could come here and never know for sure it was Lyme, or EBV or whatever but you would be know bacteria or a virus caused certain things to go wrong and you would work on restoring it. I guess what I am saying is the "name" is not really the issue. This goes along well with the positive attitude that Hansa strives for. I do need to stop identifying myself by my disease. I am not a "lymie" any longer.

As my title implies, I am on information overload. I wish I would have written everything down that the doctor said or recorded it because by the end of the day, it is somewhat of a blur. I am going to do my best to give you a brief rundown of what happened. If I tried to tell you everything in detail, I wouldn't be done blogging by the time I needed to go back tomorrow.

First thing was my CRT test. This involved taking my temperature at over 100 points on the body, subjecting me to cool temperatures for 10 minutes and retaking the temperature at those same points. You know I don't hold back so be ready for TMI. You had to show up this morning with no shower, no deodorant, no teeth brush, and for girls no bra. Yay! Just how I want to start my morning. Anyways, you just had to stay that way until the CRT test was done. Then you could take care of those things. I was the first one in for testing and the first to meet with the doctor to discuss my results. This was probably the most telling test I have ever done. What this test revealed was amazing. It was very evident which systems are off in my body. Long story short, it was confirmatory on a number of things and revealing in some others. The two stand out things I can think of are that my thyroid is doing really well despite only having half of it and maybe I can end up getting off of my thyroid medication. Second alot of my issues especially brain and neurological related are most likely due to CCSVI or chronic cebrospinal venous insufficiency. I have heard of this briefly before but didn't have a clue I might have it. I should know more by the end of my two weeks if the doctors believe I do indeed have it. My symptoms and tests are screaming it so far. If I do, that will involve some in depth testing and procedures probably in Las Vegas. I did briefly read tonight that there is a belief that this is one of the main causes of MS. I am not scared though. I am so excited to feel like we have more information. After reviewing symptoms, concerns, and the CRT the doctor did Bio-resonance scanning. It is almost like a really in depth form of muscle testing. Again, God prepared me for this. A few years ago, I would have walked out of the office thinking this doctor was nuts. God's timing is perfect, what else can I say. That testing basically gave the doctor the top 10 issues to work on. I do have issues with liver, spleen, heart, viruses, adrenals, sympathetic nervous system, and ammonia in the heart and brain among other things. I knew my adrenals were shot and had suspicions on my nervous system. Basically the whole morning was confirmatory and enlightening. I left feeling more hope than I ever had. I basically gave them a lot to work with. :) As the doctor said about my CRT, I don't want to say its abnormal, but it is certainly different. That is me. Normal is boring!

On a side note, my hotel is awesome. I went to "Green Acres" just like a Sprouts to get some groceries but my hotel does serve a breakfast everyday and dinner I think Monday thru Thursday. The weather is beautifully cold. Hansa is directly next door so I walk about 30 seconds to get there. Miss my family like crazy but enjoying the time to focus on my health. Now I need to get to bed and get some much needed rest. I am really tire and my body needs to heal. Taking lost of pictures I will try to post at some point. Not super tech savy but will try. Anyways, I'll check into tomorrow. Thanks for following along and for all of the prayers and support.


  1. Jessica, I know I keep saying this, but I'm SO excited that you are there! Even reading about your first day reminds me of the hope that both Hansa and God gave to me while I was there. I will be praying for you that everyday is a whole new level of healing. Enjoy the beginning of your new healing process and soak it all in! :-)

  2. Look forward to hearing more about your treatment at the Hansa Center. My wife and I were both treated there. Amazing place and people. I suppose you've met Caity and her mom Joni who are there this week as well? She too is posting on FB and her daughter, Caity is writing a blog.

    Glad you found Green Acres. We went there daily for lunch in the little Cafe in the back of the store. Awesome food!

    You're in good hands. Greet the wonderful folks at the HC for us. Praying that God bring healing to your body while at the HC.

    Gary and Rhonda