Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hansa Day 4- Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Today has been a little rough although I made some good progress. I don't know why it is but when fatigue is front and center it certainly makes everything else harder to deal with. I had a really rough time falling asleep last night. Finally I did and I slept better than my average but not as good as the night before. I woke up really tired. It wasn't evident immediately but within an hour I knew that this would be one of my rough days. As I explained to the doctor, if I was at home I would be napping today. So being so tired definitely set the tone for my day.

I started with a machine called the ST8 for the lymphatic system. Like I said yesterday I am going to try and come up with some good in depth descriptions of each of these therapies this weekend. In any case, this helps get the lymph system moving all of the junk out. It uses 4 different methods. I remember 3 of them at the moment. A lot of my friends with Lyme will understand what these mean. This machine uses cold-gas photon therapy, a form of ozone, and rife frequencies. I need my doc in San Diego to get one of these. Then I went in for my massage. I told my awesome massage therapist how she was right on with what oils I needed yesterday. I also showed her the nice bruise that had developed on my back in the area of my colon. These massages aren't the typical total relaxing kind in a day spa. They are there to do some business and even though at times it hurts I push through it and I think it has paid off. I can literally feel knots and tension breaking up under her fingers at times. The best thing about the massage is this thing called a biomat. I am determined to get one someday. It is a mat that uses infrared technology, amethyst crystals and is heated. To lay on in it is amazing. Love it. I did the lux next which is the gemstone light therapy. That one is really relaxing.

After lunch I met with Clark I mean Dr. Jowdy. We discussed symptoms which of course was fatigue and tiredness, some muscle aches, I had developed some sinus stuff and jaw teeth pain since my massage, and muscle spasms. The usual really. We were focusing on the cranial sacral (I'm sure it is spelled wrong) fixations today. Dr. J used the tool called the percussor again. It is like the action of a jackhammer but with a mallet instead if that makes any sense. It basically beats on you which usually feels more like a vibration. It helps to align things. This is what he used to help move my organs back to their rightful place. So in addition to the spine and all he was going to focus mostly on my skull/head and where the plates of my skull may be bound. It the areas that are bound up the machine jumps up and down and as it releases it moves into the vibrating feeling. Believe it or not it didn't hurt. It actually felt good in some spots. He worked on my sinuses the same. Then he went back and moved my spine, pelvis, and even each tooth (those he did with his finger) and beat on my head again to release anything that had bound back up by what he touched. When it hits the bound up parts you almost feel like your head is a drum and someone is beating on it. Every ones head would certainly have it's own beat based on what was bound up. It was really interesting.

He did some muscle testing as well and tested some stuff with my eyes. Those can be crazy because you can see instant results when something is fixed. I took two different homeopathic remedies that my body indicated I only needed once and and issue with my eyes and another thing were fixed instantly. The doctor was very impressed overall and said that my body took over and corrected somethings on it's own so he got to jump ahead. That made me smile. Last he had me get up and do a couple of balance tests that we did on the first day. Night and day difference on my ability to balance on one leg. It was almost unbelievable. So I am making  progress it seems. We also discussed having this permanent retainer removed while I am here. It really depends on cost but I have had it for about 20 yrs and I have wanted it out. It has been hard to find a dentist to remove it and then it is usually more than I wanted to pay. Although Dr. J doesn't feel it is a huge interference things like retainers and braces have caused huge issues and it would be great to do final cranial fixations adjustments with it out. So we will see if we can pull that off. I finished up the sauna and foot bath. I am not feeling horrible and I obviously have made some improvements. My feet weren't really cold today either so I count that as a step in the right direction. I can even tell I am standing up straighter without much effort. I am really just worn out, a little sore, and have a pesky headache starting to come back. I am hoping to eat dinner and have much better luck sleeping tonight. Hopefully I will feel better in the morning. I am still really so excited and thankful to be here and I am learning so much everyday. Let me just say that my mind and way of thinking about health, western medicine, etc...has completely changed. I am really go do some things different for myself and my family. Don't hesitate to leave me messages, ask questions, and of course keep up the prayers. Love ya all.