Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Story

I really feel led to start off this post by sharing a story. There is always a chance I have shared this before but it was placed on my heart to share today even though it doesn't seem to relate to anything else I have to say. I have learned to not ignore those feelings. Someone needs to hear this. Here it goes.

About 6 1/2 yrs ago I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. My husband and I had already decided during my first pregnancy that we would never terminate a pregnancy even if test results said our baby had significant health problems. We had been blessed with one healthy daughter already and although my first pregnancy wasn't a walk in the park I didn't have any significant issues. I wasn't very far along in my second pregnancy when I began having some severe pain. It was very similar to pain I had before from an ovarian cyst but of course being pregnant I was a little concerned. I called my OB whom had delivered my first baby and whom I trusted completely.  She said I should go to the hospital for an ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok. We went down to the hospital and the results came back that I was pregnant but I was definitely not as far along as I should be. There was some concern of an ectopic pregnancy and I needed to come back in a week or so. The pain continued on and off and I went back for my followup. We were blessed with an amazing tech this time. Although he couldn't confirm anything, he told us that things had changed and appeared to moving in the right direction. I remember it was a Friday and he said he worked all weekend and if I needed to come back everyday for reassurance he would be happy to help us. Little did we know what a blessing this man truly was going to be for us. We were definitely relieved. The afternoon of the following Monday, my OB calls. She tells me she just received the ultrasound results and I did not have a viable pregnancy. She needed me to come to hospital to terminate the pregnancy. Of course my husband and I were devastated and we just couldn't understand why this was so different from what we had heard a few days earlier. We got settled in the hospital and while we were waiting for my doctor we explained to the nurse what we had been told and how this all didn't make sense. She was kind enough to pull my ultrasound results and told us the notes indicated exactly what we had said. She told my doctor as soon as she arrived about our concerns. When my doctor finally came back she apologized and said she had been sent the wrong results. Everything looked fine on the new ultrasound. We were free to leave. Today we have a healthy beautiful 6 yr old little girl. One persons mistake almost cost us my precious daughters life. Like I said at the beginning, I'm not really sure how this ties into everything else I'm sharing but someone out there needed to hear this. Please don't sit back and rely on someone else for health and well being. 

Well with that out of the way I did want to give you a little update on my new "job". The first few weeks are always a little crazy and this is no different. I am signing a contract with myself outlining everything this will entail. The basic premise is I can work as much or as little I want. My pay is based on how much I work. I am kind of on call 24/7 but my schedule is really up to me. I have a a fairly good idea of what my daily assignments will be and what special projects I might be tasked with. I definitely have lots of meetings to attend (i.e. doctors appts). In fact I have had a few of those meetings this week. I saw the acupuncturist yesterday and had an ultrasound of my thyroid to day. I will be seeing the endocrinologist on the 25th to go talk about all of the hormone issues, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid problems I may be facing. I am hoping to hear my ultrasound results before then because I am relatively sure I will be told I have a least one if not multiple tumors growing and they need to do biopsy. If that is the case, it will be the third time I am facing the possibility of thyroid cancer. I guess I will know if a couple of weeks for sure. 

My first real assignment is to nail down a treatment protocol and schedule. As I have said many times, with this disease there is no one treatment protocol that works for everybody. Each persons case is unique, each doctor out there has a little bit of a different approach, and you really need to listen to your body and your heart to determine what is right for you. Although I don't know 100% what my treatment will hold I can tell you some basics. I am really leaning to toward options that focus on restoring my bodies balance and ability to heal itself. Things like what Hansa offers, bowenwork therapy, acupuncture, zyto, and Synchronicity Wave System to name a few. Diet, exercise, enough rest, detox and a positive attitude are also a must. I am on antibiotics right now but  I am not sure for how long. I have a lot to sort our and get straight before I make any big decisions.  Organization in this job will be key. 

I have a lot more to share with you and in a few days I hope to have an updated current treatment protocol, some starting point statistics, maybe even pics, etc...I definitely need to share what I learned at acupuncture a few days ago and the challenge he gave me for the week. Although this post is kind of all over the place and not what I had planned for it to be, I knew I could not ignore that voice that said you need to share your story. I'm praying that what I said may be a blessing to someone. I look forward to getting back on track and sharing some more with you in a few days. God Bless.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Job

I've got some very exciting news to share. You can probably guess from the title, I have a new job. It has great benefits and I start tomorrow. I'll be working at Mind, Body, Spirit and the biggest part of my job will be working on me. Okay, let me explain. I have decided to treat taking care of myself as a real job. If I do good at it the pay and benefits will be better than any job I have ever had. Let me share how this whole thing came about. 

For the past 2 and 1/2 yrs of my life, I have been trying to regain my health that really I had spent almost a lifetime slowly losing. I have tried traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and all sorts of things in between.  I have had ups and downs, twists and turns, that I never could have expected. I have tried to come to terms with the fact that I will always be fighting this. Even the thought of a lifetime fight against illness, makes me tired. Because of this whole ordeal I have begun to learn a lot about health, fitness, alternative medicine, etc...especially over the past year. The more I learn the more I am amazed by the human body and how it was designed. I truly believe that no doctor, medication, or procedure can cure me. All of those things can only aid in restoring my bodies balance and function allowing it to take care of itself. Our body truly is a miracle, and God designed it to heal itself. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to join some friends on a mission to eat clean for 30 days. Eating clean is kind of a "buzz" phrase right now and means a little something different to everyone. In any case, having someone to be accountable to besides my husband has been a good thing for me. Although my family still has a long way to go, we have definitely made some steps in the right direction. Shortly after we began this mission I started back on antibiotics. I am currently on 2 out of the 3 that my doctor wants me to take and I have felt horrible.  I knew I needed to really focus on detoxing and have made an extra effort to use the sauna, drink water, eat good. I even did some electro lymphatic therapy and got to see my acupuncturist after a long break over the summer. While I was hoping these things would make me feel great they didn't. It has been a rough week. In fact my excitement and motivation over starting this new job this morning was interrupted by left sided chest pain and shortness of the breath that was all too familiar. I prayed that I would know if and when I needed to call 911 but deep down I had been here before and knew there was nothing they would find or be able to do for me. That however has not deterred from my goal and in fact has made me realize even more just how much I need it. 

I have been seeing lots of great pages on Facebook dedicated to health and fitness. Although many of them seek to motivate you, I have been allowing them to make me depressed. I see these amazingly fit women, talk about doing it all and I think back to when I was even a fraction of how in shape they are and I just get sad. My self confidence is in the trash, I weigh more than I ever have, I feel horrible.  How nice for them to go run and lift weights and spin their butts off. They work hard for their fitness but that isn't even an option for me. It didn't take long for me to realize that this entire time, I have been standing in my own way. When it was hard to look at my acupuncturist yesterday and answer his questions honestly about what I had been doing I realized I had a problem. Who was I?  I had become the queen of excuses. I certainly wasn't acting like the person I want to be. I began to think back to what I had accomplished in my life. Admitting that I had unknowingly been sick for so long yet I managed to: survive a full time college load while working, getting my EMT certification, working for the US Forest Service including passing their fire academy and going through fire school at Camp Pendleton, having two children while continue to work full time, doing so well in class that the CA State Fire Marshals office offered me a job, walking every step of the Breast Cancer 3 Day (about 60 miles)...I knew I had to not only take pride in my accomplishments but quit making excuses for why I couldn't achieve the health that I wanted.

As much as I considered trying to be one of those do it all women that had a Facebook page and website dedicated to health and fitness I decided that it was not the time. Believe me, going through this experience has made me consider a career in holistic type health or fitness of some sort but I know I just need to focus on the task of getting myself well. If that leads to something down the road that would be great. I have also come to realize that I do have gifts of compassion and encouragement and that I hope this "job" will allow me to use those to the best of my ability. I have decided to track this whole experience here in my blog. I found that being accountable to other people will help me stay on track and I am hoping someone, can benefit from what I share. My plan is to be honest, Including before and after pictures, my true weight, basically the good, the bad and the ugly. This isn't just about physical health though. I definitely am starting to see the mind body spirit connection. Negative thoughts can affect you physically and I plan on working on my total health. That is the only way to get better. 

So here it goes. A new phase, a new challenge. No more excuses!