Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hansa Day 2- The Proof is in the Water

Be still and know that I am God.- Psalm 46:10

Day two is coming to a close and I am ready for bed. I'm sorry if this ends up being a short update but I am still a little on information overload and am really tired. I also have a horrible headache which I can't seem to figure out if it is sinus, tension, or both. Just one for thing for them to tackle tomorrow.

So today I started out by seeing my doctor, Dr. Jowdy (he reminds me of Clark Kent a little). If he helps me get me better he really will be Superman. Anyways, there were a couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday that popped into my head that the doctor had mentioned. To start, when doing the second test yesterday Dr. J was able to determine that both of my shoulders are out of alignment, my right wrist and left ankle are out of alignment and I have 37 pelvic misalignment's. During the CRT he was impressed with how my thyroid responded being that I only have half left. To digress for just a minute, when I was a senior in high school, my mom noticed a lump in my neck. Long story short it was a non-malignant tumor that had to be removed and it took the right side of my thyroid with it. I have not been on thyroid medication until about 6 yrs ago. The only reason I was put on it was because I was growing more tumors even though the "function" was considered normal. I needed to keep my levels in a certain range to prevent tumor growth (at least that is what I was told). So during my second test, the bio-resonance scan, it was determined that there was cell replication at a faster than normal rate going on in my thyroid. That basically indicates more tumor growth. The hope was to slow or stop it before I left. So going back to today we tested my supplements and medications. Keep in mind I am on almost nothing right now, compared to what I was and I am okay with that. I don't know how much anything was helping. So in testing, (the brs again) it was determined that I did need my thyroid medication. However, when Dr. J picked out and tested my homeopathic supplements my test for the thyroid medication changed to not needing it. AND the replication no longer existed. So basically, I may be able to stop the thyroid med and not grow anymore tumors. Crazy I know but amazing at the same time. Basically we ran through what needed to be dealt with through the scan and I think viruses then bacteria and what ever else. So I started my supplements right there in the office and I believe I will be tested everyday to see how things are progressing. Then my treatment will be tailored to that.

My treatments today were essentially the same. I added the FAR sauna and the UVinator (I think that's the name). The massage was good. Dr J did do some adjustments today and some myofascial release. It was a different kind of chiropractics then I was used. Basically everything revolves around energy. It was good. I had problems going to bed last night but once I fell asleep I think I slept better. That is one little improvement. We decided we will only discuss my ongoing everyday symptoms during my daily doctors appointment. He won't bring up the symptoms that only happen occasionally. I have to let him know what is going on. It is all part of being positive. I believe I will get better. It will happen. That makes me excited. I have also had a wonderful time meeting some other patients including a family who is here for their teenage daughter dealing with Lyme. I had met them before we came on one of the Lyme groups and it has been so great to be able to talk with them in person. What an amazing journey this is for all of us.

I did the Ionic foot bath again today with different results. I took more pictures that I will post at some point. It is so cool to see it directly relates to how you are feeling or things the doctor is targeting. I had major toxins from the joints, which made sense because my joints were killing me this afternoon and this evening. I also had a lot of lymphatic stuff which we targeted today. So I guess that is about it for now. This headache is still nagging and I would like to try and sleep it off with out taking anything so a quick bath and off to bed. Until tomorrow...thanks again for the prayers, support and kind words. They are such a help and encouragement.

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