Friday, January 6, 2012

Hansa Day 5- Half Way Through

Well my first week of treatment is done. What an experience this has been. I slept a little better last night but I still woke up tired. I also had the creepy crawly and weak feeling in my arms and legs but especially in my right forearm. When I have that feeling I usually end up of having a twitching/seizure episode. This morning was no different. It started a little while after I got to the center. I decided to push through it during my first treatment because I was going to see the doctor next. It wasn't horrible but I didn't want it to get any worse. As happens sometimes they ended up having to switch my schedule and I was going in for a massage and not seeing the doctor until after lunch. In order to try and calm things down I had to take some magnesium. I didn't want to accidentally punch my therapist. Luckily between the magnesium and the massage things calmed down. It ended up being a busy morning and I didn't get much of a break for lunch.

When I did my foot bath today it was a little different and I seemed to be getting rid of some yeast and cellular debris plus some heavy metals. Just more detoxing which is always good. When I went into to see Dr. J we went over my symptoms as usual and I told him about the seizure and the awful feeling in my arms and legs. He went to work using the percussor and the BRS. It was discovered that I had a tilted sacrum (I believe that is how he put it). It took us quite a while to get it back into place. We then worked on my right shoulder which didn't get much attention the other day due to my port. he carefully worked around it and we definitely seemed to make some progress moving things around. Hopefully that will help with the weak feeling. Although as I type this I can feel it coming back in both of my arms. We will see how things go over the weekend.

We then did some interesting neurophoton therapy with colored lights. I guess my body wasn't really absorbing red light. So seeing red light stressed me out even though I was testing deficient in it. We did the same with blue and green light which wasn't as bad as the red but needed some correction. When that process was done it opened up some new heart issues. I tested for a new remedy to be added that is supposed to help with chest pain and shortness of breath caused by cardiac asthma. I am glad we are getting somewhere with my heart. I am hoping this helps of course. I asked Dr. J if he had pinpointed what was causing my heart issues. He said no but basically for me they were able to get the microbes, bacteria, etc...under control and this is what he considered damage control. He said for many of their patients this is what ends up happening. The therapies and remedies show those causes are under control and maybe not causing any more  damage so when things show up as problems now it is damage that has been caused already. I am starting to believe that the sinus tachycardia has always been there, maybe since I was born, but wasn't bothersome so they it would have never been treated. Then over the course of my life getting different viruses or things like Lyme, they found the weakness in my heart and went there and caused some damage. What will be interesting is if this is damage that can be repaired like will I test that it is gone next week. I mean I have seen a lot of cardiologist and none of the tests they have done are showing any visible damage to them so I am not sure if this is something can even be picked up by them or just through energy medicine. I can't wait to see how things go.

As for now, I am tired, with a little headache and just kind of sore. I am going to dinner with my new friends who I have been blessed with having met here. The plan for the weekend is lots of rest, hydration, and detox baths. I did get some some copies of some of my test results to share with you and the cool thing is I will get a copy of my whole file before I leave. I also got a sheet on the ST8 lymph machine I will share with you. Hopefully I will have lots of pictures for you this weekend.

Continue the prayers, not only for me but the other two girls here. It has been a rough week on all of us but we are optimistic. Our healing is coming!

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