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Hansa- Some Explanations

For many of you this post will be one you just skip because it might not be exciting. For some of you this may be what you really want to know. My plan is to put together as much information as I can find and feel up to about Hansa, the doctors, the treatments, the science, etc...I have so much still to learn. Believe me, this is a whole new way of thinking for most of us. Like I said before, this is really opening my eyes to a different approach to how my family and I live. It is a lot to absorb but I hope you get something out of it.

Dr. Jernigan (the founder/owner of Hansa) is nationally recognized as a leader in Biological Medicine and treatment of chronic illness.
( Biological medicine is holistic in that it holds the view that the living system is a matrix of interconnectedness- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Self-healing is the primary goal.

Dr. Jerinigans philosophy and the goal of Hansa: Providing treatment and education that works with God's natural design of the body, empowering the body to heal itself. I believe that true healing cannot occur by simply masking symptoms, so we seek to treat the cause of the illness utilizing extensive, non-invasive treatment in conjunction with supplements to help the body rid itself of disease. "Health in a bottle" is a myth- if you must continually take a pill, it is not correcting what is necessary for your body to heal. (This is a large part of what drew me to the Hansa Center)

CRT- Computerized Regulation Thermography is the first test you do at Hansa and is very revealing. Here is a website that explains it really well.

Bio-Resonnance Scanning is the second test done at Hansa. The test or type of testing is used continually throughout your time there by the doctor and massage therapist. They use it to determine things wrong and what your body needs. BRS enables the dcotor to determine highly specific information- not only the presence of a pathology, but its degree of priority for healing in the patients body. You can visit this link for some more information  One of the reasons I loved this test was because Dr. Jowdy was able to determine the top 10 issues that needed to be addressed in order based on what my body told him. I am going to ask him to run down that list of 10 things we made on the first day so I can share that with you.

Here is a list of the treatments utilized at Hansa, along with websites for vendors they use. Again detox is a priority:

FIR Sauna- I have talked about this plenty. Used to help the body detox. I have been in there for 30 minutes almost every day.

Ion Cleanse Footbath-Basically an array placed in the water creates negatively and positively charged ions in the water which neutralize charged particles in the body. The charged particles are then pulled out through osmosis and diffusion. Really would like to get one of these to use for the whole family .

ST8- A machine used to help the lymphatic system function properly and dump all of the junk out of your system. It uses four different therapies. 1. Cold-gas photo therapy: Photons pass through an intricate glass coil filled with 5 noble gases. The energized photons liquefy old gelatinous or mucus material to open clogged lymph drainage. 2. Scalar potentials: Opens up and separates old cells in the lymph tissues that are stuck together, and plumps up old damaged cells of the lymph nodes, so that there is room for the lymph fluid to wash around the cells, clearing the toxins out of the area. Known to block the frequencies of negative emotions, making it difficult to think negatives, and they have been shown to dramatically boost the immune system and the body's overall energy production. 3. Transdermal ozone therapy: Provides oxygen to the tissues. Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms loosely stuck together. This ozone is almost instantly converted into separate oxygen atoms in the body. Increase oxygen to a cell, and you increase its ability to function properly. Oxygen may also help kill any anaerobic bacteria, and some types of cancer are impeded by the presence of oxygen. 4. Rife frequency generator: Constantly broadcasts and sweeps through many different electromagnetic frequencies, each of which performs a different task. Many of the frequencies are believed to energize specific tissues in the body, while others have been shown to destroy various viruses and bacteria, which is a good thing when attempting to take the strain off of your lymphatic system.

Bio Mat- I truly love this thing. The massage therapists use it on their tables. So you lay down for your massage on this amazing heated mat. Would love one of these too. The mat uses FAR infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst quartz to basically open pathways and promote DNA repair.

Essential Oils and supplements- Used mostly in massage therapy but also by the doctor. They are supposed to do some great things. They test my body using BRS to see what it is saying it needs. They are usually really soothing and smell good.

LUX- This machine basically uses gemstones and colored filters with light to target different areas of the body and promote healing. I don't have a website for a specific vendor or that Hansa

Theralumen- This is the one machine I don't like. It is a pain to use. You have to hold it in your mouth, kind of under your tongue but it can't touch anything either. You use it about 15 minutes at a time. It is a type of laser light therapy. I believe it helps kill bacteria, etc...

Massage- I keep forgetting to ask my therapist what type of massage she does. She uses some different techniques than what I am used to and as I said before she really works some stuff out. She is awesome and that is probably my favorite therapy. I will get more information for you. I know she helps with muscle tension of course, but she also gets things moving and I believe helps move some of the lymph fluid and other stuff along.

Water- There is an amazing "water fountain" in the lobby of Hansa. I so want one. Not only is it healthy water is so cool to look at. I believe the water we drink at Hansa is considered living water. I will post a picture of the water fountain at some point but you may see one on their website. Here is a picture of the fountain

I know I could go into a lot more about energy medicine, bio-photons, the medical uses of light but I think this is enough for now. It comes down to light, love, and being positive.  There is a book I was told to check out called that I believe is called Messages in the Water. Anyways, it talks about waters makeup etc...and how research shows being positive, negative, an so on towards water can affect the actual water crystals. A lot of the girls are walking around with positive messages on their water bottles. May be worth a try. I will have to look it up but thought you might look to check it out as well. So enough for today. I am doing ok. I have a slight headache on and off,some pain, all the normal stuff. Other than standing up straighter, having an easier time regulating temperature (my feet are a little cold today), and having less muscle tension in my shoulders, I don't "feel" much different. However, I know we are making some progress and it took my a long time to feel this bad so I know the changes I notice may not be over night. Still have high hopes and I am glad I had the chance to come.

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