Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hansa Day 7- Something has Shifted

I can't believe I only have 3 days left. I miss my family terribly but in some ways I am not ready to leave behind the daily routine I have come to enjoy. If I could only have both!

Well today has been an interesting day. Indescribable almost. I feel like something has shifted, something has changed but I can't put my finger on it. I believe though it is something good. I believe I am getting better. I had problems falling asleep again last night. It had to be close to 1 am before I finally started to drift off. Of course I was tired due to not getting enough sleep. I did feel much more at rest today though and could relax during my treatments. The bummer is I didn't get a massage today but all of my other treatments were relaxing like they have been. Although I didn't have that wired feeling like I did yesterday there is still some strange "energy" despite being tired. My mood or emotions still seem somewhat stirred up from yesterday but its good. When I went in and saw the doctor I didn't get my notebook out. He questioned that a little and I told him right away that things were a little strange today. Things were changing but I couldn't exactly describe it. I told him that as I ran over the list of my symptoms in my head, I think I had every single symptom at least once today. But it didn't last. They came and went in the most random way. I had my own ideas on why and he seemed to agree. My body could be retracing each of these and maybe it is kind of saying good bye. It is almost like checking it one last time to make sure it has been fixed. So we shall see. That makes it hard to say that I feel better or great because I have had symptoms all day long but I definitely feel different in a good way. Dr. J asked a little about the emotional stuff from yesterday. I told him during my massage I found myself thinking of the most random and not so great moments in my life. I realized it must have been from our treatment and he agreed. He said he didn't want to get to personal but asked if they were events or how would I describe them (my thoughts)...definitely events and people that I knew I had some stuff I needed to let go of. He told me to not be shocked if these people and I had some sort of contact. My response to that was I'm going to pray that doesn't happen. We laughed a little but he shared some stories and reasons as to why. We just agreed that I will not be surprised and I will handle the situations with love. One of the crazy things about this topic is it fell right in line with Dr. Jernigans (the other docs)book I have been reading called Everyday Miracles by God's Design. Once again, God's timing is perfect. I really had some break through regarding my life, how I have been living and how God wants me to live. Lots of love and positive thinking in my future. Hopefully I will be able to share more on that topic another time.

Dr. Jowdy explained how the goal is to get you feeling better or at least stable before you leave. It sounded like he believed I was reaching a stable level and that he had reached the minimum goals he had for me so we were able to move on and dig a little deeper. What a blessing for sure. We did some similar things like we did with the flower essence yesterday but it was for allergies. He couldn't come up with food issues or allergies for me. So he said that the "hay fever" stuff I have may go away. He wasn't picking anything up and as we have corrected other things it may have solved these issues as well. I did test negatively to vitamin B stuff which was kind of weird. I told him I never had a negative reaction that I knew of from taking anything. Either way it was resolved with some homeopathics. We did more light and neurophoton therapy getting into deeper layers so to speak. I ended up taking about 15 different homeopathics that were just indicated (by my body) for one time. I am definitely excited to see how I feel tomorrow. The neurophoton therapy involves some muscle testing so it is absolutely crazy to see instant results in the test. I am dying on the table wishing all of my family and friends could be witnessing this. Believe, it is my mission to come back for even just 2 or 3 days with my husband and kids in the next few months. I can't wait for us all to experience great health. I really feel like we have been given a gift and me coming here is just the beginning.

Well off to dinner and hopefully and a decent bedtime. Which reminds me I need to tell you what came up in regards to the sleep issue. We discussed when I was typically falling asleep and according to the one chart it could be a gallbladder issue. He definitely picked up on some issues in my gallbladder so I am hoping we resolved those and I will be sleeping better tonight. Keep the prayers coming, not just for me but for my two new friends that have been here with me. There blessings are taking a little longer to show up. Thanks and lots of love for your support of me and family.

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  1. Hey Jessica,
    It is Shauna from Dr. N's office. I was so excited when I heard you were going to Hansa! I remember talking to you when you first wanted to go....and now your there! I am so glad to see from your post that you think it is helping you!!!! That is a huge answer to prayer. I pray it will continue to make you completely well....as time goes. I have heard that Dr. J says 3 months for every year sick.

    I have been following your post and Caity's....I originally found Caity's post on Healing Well and then saw her mention you!!! It is a small world! I have commented on Caity's blog, but she has no idea who I am - tell her you know me.

    We are considering possibly taking Laney to Hansa....we are in week 15 of IV at Dr. N's and still NO response at all - not one even half way good day. so frustrating. Anyway, so happy to hear good things from you.

    Take care and enjoy your last few days there.....blessings, Shauna