Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

Does anyone know where I can get a set of plans to build an ark? Let me tell you, lately when it rains it pours and I think I better start building an ark before it floods. I heard back from disability only to be told that she would have to call me back later in the day (yesterday) or hopefully first thing this morning. I haven't heard back yet. The claim rep said she had inquired about the status of the second physician review and hadn't heard back. When she did, she would let me know. Now when I talked with her on December 14th it sounded like the second physician review had been requested or started already and they usually try to do it in less then two weeks. She did ask that it be expedited. I know the office was closed last Thursday and Friday for Christmas. I do totally understand that. So hear we are though, two weeks later and she doesn't even know if it has been completed. I am praying when she calls back that is has been completed which means she should only have to make her final decision. I am praying that means I will have an answer this week. I know I have said before that this claim rep and I seem to interact better with each other than my first one and I did. However, I don't think things are going any better if you know what I mean. Their whole process seems slow and a little unorganized. Just because we can be nice to each other on the phone doesn't mean that I think she is going to call me on her own and say "I have reached a final decision on your appeal and it is ...." whatever the answer would be. I think we will play the game of I just need to make the final decision and she will know what it is and not tell me and then drop the letter in the mail. That is how it went the first time (which I am sure I have told you at least once). In a Wednesday afternoon conversation the rep told me she needed to make her final decision and she should have that done by Friday. On Thursday morning I get a call from HR at the City telling me I had been denied and they were notified Wednesday. They had no idea why the rep would tell me that when she obviously knew. I have an answer to that. It is called being chicken ....Well I don't need to finish that statement. I shouldn't call names. I am sorry but this is my life we are talking about here. If you can not be honest, upfront, and do things in a timely manner when dealing with someones life like this than you need to find another line of work. I'm just saying. Sorry I got sidetracked. I am sure you are used to it by now. So waiting, waiting, waiting. I am still not sure I have obtained the virtue of being patient. I am trying though. What choice do I have?

Back to the whole when it rains, it pours. So I did my little blog yesterday and ventured out with my kids to pick up some medicine and make a return. We weren't gone very long as I was not feeling good. So we come home and I ask Jenna to let the dogs in. She does and I walk around the corner to tell Boss, our 7 yr old yellow lab, to knock it off because he is always a spaz and getting wild. He looks weird and I am thinking he hurt his leg because he can't walk right so I go over to see what is up and he is having a full blown seizure. So I kind of freak out. It is scary to see and I am crying and trying to just calm him down and so the girls are crying. Long story short, he finally stops seizing and seems to pretty much go back to normal. I don't need this right now. So off to the vet we go. They do some blood work and everything is normal. That is good news. We will probably never know what caused the seizure and he may continue to have them. All we can do is try to let him know it is okay and keep a journal about them. If they get really frequent or severe we can consider anti-seizure meds. I am not sure I have much left in my emotional bank account to deal with all of this. I did let God know I was not happy about this and not sure what to do anymore. I also said there are 4 days left for the nonsense and stress of 2010 to get over with. I'm not doing this in 2011. Ryan just asked if that meant I was going to just keep a positive attitude next year. I said it was supposed to be an order that this stuff is going to stop but I know that I don't have any control over it. Sometimes I like to think I do and that what I say goes. Wishful thinking.

Well, the phone rang a few minutes ago. What do you know, it was disability. She said she should have the second physicians final report by the end of the week. Then she will finish up her final stuff and keep me posted. So I can probably expect at least another week and a half maybe two. Of course next week will probably be a short week. January 24th is getting closer and closer. I can feel the anger and the tears starting to build again. Not good. Time to pray...

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  1. Oh Jessica I am so sorry to hear all of this! At least the rep did get back to you and I hope she will be honest and quick when the decision is made and that it will be a positive one!

    I know you want to have control over what is going on but we aren't always able to be..God is however in control and I am praying positive thoughts and strength for you everyday!

    Oh my dog has had seizure issues for years and she is doing well...so your pup might be like mine..she is on no meds anymore for a few years and has only had one seizure months ago...she was on sodium bromide liquid I believe when she was on meds..

    I am here for anything you need, just let me know!!

    I love you my friend!!

    Dawn =)