Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Like Hell Than a Herx

Extreme words I know but let me tell you that is exactly what last night was. I fell asleep on the couch really early. I didn't get a nap mainly due to dealing with the dog and the vet. I am realizing though that being home with the kids isn't going to really allow me a nap. That is a kind of a problem. I am just going to have to try and get them both to lay down and watch a movie while I lay on the couch. I had daycare available but couldn't afford to spend the extra money. So back to last night. I started to not feel good and fell asleep on the couch. I don't know how long I was asleep but I woke up in severe pain. I think it was mostly joint pain but some of it was muscle or tendon. Both of my shoulder/rotator cuffs hurt really bad. My elbows, wrists, almost all of my fingers, palms of my hands, ankles, toes all hurt too. My knees would feel like someone was stabbing a knife in them. The pain isn't constant but almost throbs or comes on really strong then goes away and maybe 30 seconds later comes back and then goes away again. By far the worst pain I have been in. Shorter than the day I did that detox relief bath but probably more intense. (Just a warning that what I am about to say may be TMI for some of you. I don't think I have mentioned it before) For girls, our symptoms can be the worst when around that time of the month. I know that the bacteria typically reproduces every 4 weeks or so and the medication can only kill the bacteria during certain times in it's life cycle. So I am not sure if the bacteria cycle gets on board with our cycle or what. I just know about that time, I usually feel worse. Anyways, last night was awful. I do take comfort in the fact that I believe the new medicine is doing some good although I don't feel any better yet. My only concern with the amount of pain I was in was weather or not I was having a reaction the Levaquin (the severe tendinitis that can cause tendons to rupture). I don't think I will have a way of knowing for sure. I just have to take my chances that it was really a herx and the bugs are dying. Unfortunately I don't feel much better today, I have been hurting since I woke up but not with the severity of last night. Too top it off the kids still don't feel good. I have decided to take my 7 yr old in to the doctor for her stomach ache. She will curl up in a ball and says her stomach hurt and then later she will say it is feeling better. She hasn't been herself though and even decided she didn't want to go look at Christmas lights last night. That is definitely not like her. The other problem is she doesn't want to eat. She is a string bean as it is (about 46 pounds) so she can't stand to lose anymore weight. She woke up with a very slight fever this morning so I am just not sure what it up. We will see what the doctor has to say.

On a totally different note, and a good one at that, I found out my friend got the full time fire inspector job at my Fire Department. I am certainly not taking credit for her getting the job but I truly believe this was all part of God's plan. With the economy problems that we have all been facing over the last few years a lot of City's and other government agencies have been forced to let people go. (I realize you all probably know that already) So my friend was one of the Fire Inspectors that got let go from another city. She managed a little part time work with another city when she got let go but things weren't looking good for any of the Fire Inspectors in the are that got let go. Even if you weren't letting people go, you weren't hiring. Well when I knew I was going to be off of work for a while, my boss asked if I knew of anyone that could help out part time while I was gone. I said I certainly did and we were able to bring my friend on. It was horrible timing though and my coworker who worked part time had some health problems that led him to not be able to work anymore. He was already retired and just back on contract to help out. That really left Fire Prevention in a bind. That along with some new state regulations taking affect in 2011 were making for quite a work load that one part time person wouldn't be able to handle. With things being crazy even when I do come back we were able to get approval for another full time position. I just found out my friend got it. I knew she could do it. What a Christmas present for her. I am so excited and really feel like a good thing has come from this awful disease. God used something bad in my life to do something good for someone else. That makes it all worth it. :)

Well if things keep going the way they are, I may be blogging everyday. I am debating about calling disability for an update. It has been a week since I talked to them. Part of me is not expecting anything new and part of me is just praying that they have a decision. I am just not sure that they would all and tell me the answer. The first rep didn't. This claim rep has been better but I am not confident she would call and say okay I have decided, you are denied. What to do...Does me calling mean that I am not being patient and that I am trying to make things happen in my time? I don't know the answer to that. I am not sure if I will call or not. Okay, knowing me I will call. Pray for a positive outcome with disability and the strength for me to handle this pain, but most of all pray the God's will be done whatever it is.

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