Monday, March 26, 2012

Return to Hansa: It's working

Sorry I took so long to write about my our last day at Hansa. The benefit is I can see things that we did are already working. Our last day was really good and sad at the same time. It has become almost a home away from home. The hardest part was leaving our friends. We have gained a life long friendship though and even though it was hard to leave I wouldn't trade it for the world. We love you Body family!

The day started our with me seeing the doctor. I was scheduled for an hour. He needed 15 minutes. That was it. I still have a lot of work left to do but we had made some progress and he got kind of as a far as he could go this time. So we moved right on to the kids. We did some work with the myasms which are those diseases, illnesses, and conditions in your family history that are passed down energetically. They don't always activate, and just because you have a myasm doesn't mean you will get that illness but you could. You just want to clear all of that out. The big one that stands out for me is cancer. I have it and so does Brooke but it has skipped Jenna so far. Hopefully getting these issues addressed in the kids means they won't pass them down anymore. Again doesn't mean that we would definitely get cancer but that energy is there and could activate at any time unless you get it taken care of.

We didn't really have any big revelations. Dr. J did say that Brooke's ear looked night and day better. She still had some pain at about 5 am in the morning so I was really nervous about our flight. He gave us a herbal remedy to take for the pain. Just to be safe I did give her some advil and found the ear plugs designed for flying that are open on the end to help regulate pressure. The kids did amazing on the flight and Brooke has had no complaints since.

Since we have been home things have been crazy as is usual around here. We have just been busy and I started not feeling good. I realized right away what my mistake was. When I was at Hansa I didn't really do any detox this time so I really should have come straight home and got in the sauna. Having the energetic treatments got things moving in my body and I wasn't doing anything to get the junk out. Then I started to have my usual sore throat that I get a day or two after flying. Weather it activates my Ebstein Barr or what I don't know but it happens I think every time I fly. This time I woke up with my eyes stuck shut and a bad headache. I kind of started to panic. Please not pink eye and no antibiotics. Well 24 hours later I am feeling much improved. I jumped all over detoxing and it seems to have worked. I did the sauna once Saturday, twice yesterday, plus took detox bath, and started taking my EmergenC. I also went to the health food store to try and find a remedy for my eyes. The lady suggested Rue Fennel drops mixed with purified water as an eye wash. 3 doses of that during the day yesterday and no problems with my eyes this morning. I will definitely be continuing this protocol for the next day or two to make sure I really knock it out. I also made Asian Ginger Chicken soup for dinner. It is has spinach and mushrooms and I threw in some chicken for my husband. It is supposed to be healing and was perfect way to end my day. 

Back to the girls. They both have a few remedies to take for the next 30 days. I was excited to hear it was only 30 days. Jenna is taking the same ones for Lyme and neurotoxins I originally took. I couldn't be more proud of my girls. These remedies don't exactly taste great and they do it 3 times a day without a fight. Already we have seen an improvement with Jenna's stomach issues. She has suffered with horrible gas since she was little. I don't think she has had any since we got back. It's the little things sometimes. It is just more confirmation that we are doing the right thing. I can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks for both girls. I am expecting big things. I got our our paperwork and test results and took some time to look them over on the flight home. The one thing that really stuck out to me was Jenna's vitality. Her little body is only functioning at about 50%. We didn't talk about that specific number so I am going to email the doc and get some more information. Hopefully her numbers will increase rapidly now that we are on the right path. If she has done this will functioning at only about half of what she should I would say she is in for big things in her future. 

Our biggest challenge at the moment is this possible CCSVI issue for me. It is all so new and there are of course no guarantees that the "angioplasty" to open up your veins will work. There is just a lot of unknowns right now. I am still feeling okay with going to get the scans done if we can come up with money. Then we can go from there. Lots of research and prayers ahead. I am feel beyond blessed though that we found Hansa. We are on our way to better health and I couldn't be more excited.

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