Sunday, March 18, 2012

Return to Hansa

So the return to Hansa has begun. What an incredibly exhausting day it has been. I could not be more impressed with how well my girls behaved today. I even got a compliment from a passenger on our first flight for their behavior. What a great feeling as a parent. I made sure my girls knew how much I appreciated that. I wish I could say that today was stress free and easy but would fun would it be if everything went off without a hitch. Getting to see some of my favoritest people from last time made the whole day worth it.

Here is a quick run down of our crazy day. San Diego-Los Angeles-Houston-Wichita. We left our house by 5:30 to get to the San Diego airport for a 7:30 flight to LA. My husband offered to find a Starbucks for my daily coffee fix but I said no, I'll grab one at the airport. Well the commuter terminal has almost nothing in it and I figured no biggie I'll grab one in LAX. Of course by the time we landed and all, we didn't have as much time as I thought. Not knowing my way around I just wanted to get to our gate and go from there. Found our gate, almost time to start boarding and there is nothing really around. Our flight ended up being late and I could have found food and coffee but no one communicated what was going on. Let me say that our United plane from LA to Houston  was great. Free headphones if needed and tvs at every seat with free games, movies(good ones too), tv shows, music, etc...So for that United is awesome. However customer service at the airport is awful. Like I said, a late and oversold flight with no info as to what was going on. We of course are late landing. We get off the plane and I confirm our gate for our connecting flight. Totally different terminal, meaning you have to take a tram since the Houston airport is so big. I have less than 30 minutes to take off and all the lady says if we don't stop at all we should make it. No offers to help us by giving us a ride on one of the million little luggage carts cruising around. Me and both girls are running through the airport with all of our stuff only to get to our gate and find out they are behind. It was like a scene from Home Alone. We landed safely though which is the most important part. Although I am still looking for my mocha.

It feels good to be back only I wish we were staying for longer than 3 days. I am excited to see my progress and to get some more healing going but I am way more excited to hear what they say about my girls tomorrow. The anticipation is almost too much to handle. I have been having some symptoms return over the last two weeks so the timing couldn't be better. I realized the other day I screwed up though, by relying solely on my brain, and I stopped all of my remedies like two weeks earlier than I should have. I am wondering if that is why I am having a little flare up or relapse or whatever. By the time I caught the mistake it was too late to start everything back up so I will talk with the doctor and have all of my remedies retested to see where I stand on them. Part of my wonders if 3 days is really enough but I believe we should be able to accomplish a lot. The only thing I know right now is that Jenna, who is 8, are both supposed to have the CRT test in the morning. Brooke, my 5 year old won't. Just to refresh your mind, the CRT is the temperature test where they take your temperature at 100-200 different points (all above the waist) on the body and then subject you to cooler temperatures for 10 minutes then retake the temperature on all the same points. How your body responds to the cooler temperatures gives and indication as to what is malfunctioning in your body and your overall inflammation and vitality. Last time, my inflammation was high and my body was functioning at like 40%. Can't wait to see the results this time.

Well I guess that is enough and I should really get some sleep. You know I will be filling you in daily about our trip. Your comments and questions are always welcome. Thanks to all of my family and friends for their wonderful support. By tomorrow at this time, I should have an answer to my most burning question...Do my daughters have Lyme also? It is comforting to know though how I will handle it. I believe we can get their health on track and that they won't have to suffer and go through all of medications and everything I did. We will get their bodies to deal with what ever they are facing the way God designed them too. Big couple of days ahead. Here we go...

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