Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Return to Hansa- This is where the healing begins

Things have been quite interesting since my post last night. I have a big break in my day so I decided to write part of my update now so I'm not having to write so much later. We went to dinner with our amazing friends who have been such a big help watching the girls during some of my treatments. We had a great night and come up to our room at about 8:30. Then out of the blue Brooke started complaining about her ear hurting. I was trying to figure out what was going on since we had been off the plane for over 24 hours and she had no complaints at all during our flight. I got her to sleep a little but the pain was waking her up in tears. That led to  borrowing my friends car in the middle of the night to go to Walmart. Not my idea of a good time but I had to help my little girl feel better. Long story short,  I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and neither did Brooke but with a little Advil, warm compress, and cotton in the ear while she slept...she is pain free and bouncing off the walls this morning. So all is well at this present moment. 

I was scheduled to see the doctor first thing this morning. I did forget to mention yesterday that besides seeing the doctor, I had a massage and did the LUX (the treatment that uses colored lights and gemstones aimed at different organs on the body). That is the same protocol today. They are trying to help me save money and do kind of the minimum but still get good results. I don't think the girls will do anything but see the doctor where you do get energetic treatments and some other stuff. I started my appointment, after discussing how I was feeling, with some basic alignment stuff. He did a little cranial release as well. We then went on to the neurophoton therapy with the glasses that show you the different colored lights. All of the standard stuff went really quickly with no issues so he brought out some homeopathics to test me with while wearing the glasses. We dealt with a couple of minor issues there. Then we moved on to colored glasses that are different then the colored lights. I flew through those as well with very little to deal with. So the doctor said I was going to challenge him today with what else to do. We finished up trying to address the ringing in my ears and I was done. I have a massage and LUX scheduled this afternoon and then the girls see the doctor. I'm hoping to learn lots this afternoon in their appointments and hope to start seeing some improvements.

My girls are doing so good with all of this. Convincing your kids to take herbal remedies and stuff isn't easy. Some of things I take are just plain horrible to chew up or swallow so they are troopers. Both of them gagged last night taking their first doses. I crushed up the pills and put them in applesauce this morning. It was better but not great. We will get through it though and hopefully soon they won't even notice. I have a lot of research still to do on this whole CCSVI thing and just trying to make sure I make the most of this short trip. I knew as soon as I got here I wish were staying the whole week and could just do everything. I am still really blessed though to be here and glad we are doing something to get our health in order.

This afternoon the girls got their turn to see the doctor and really their first experience with energetic treatments. Brooke went first because her ear was really bothering her again so I wanted Dr. J to take a look at it. Looking at ears isn't really standard for them but he did it anyways and said she needs to get back to the ENT. He really didn't like what little he could see but she has so much wax in the way he couldn't get a clear view. This has always been a struggle for Brooke and her doctors have had to remove the wax before. He said both ears were very red and kind of inflamed looking and it just didn't look good. Through BRS testing he did pick up a virus in the ear that is bothering her. He suggested some natural drops to try. He also showed me how to massage the area in her neck that would help open up her ears for proper drainage. Unfortunately I had to do another round of Advil before I get the store for the drops because they pain was so bad. Hoping we really get some relief before getting on the plane tomorrow. Once that was out of the way, he did some alignment stuff using energetic chiropractics and the percussor. Most of her issues were all in her sacrum. Then he did her cranial fixations with the percussor as well. Fairly easy for Brooke with the exception of the ear. She did great though.

Jenna had the same type of energetic treatments and use of the percussor to fix alignment and cranial fixation issues. He did note that both girls have a ridge in their "hard palate

Overall a good day. Looking forward to tomorrow but I definitely wish we could stay longer. We are going to miss our friends so much and I would love to keep working on the getting better but it will good to be back home with daddy and the dogs. We can also see how well we do over the next few months and then analyze where to go from there. So one appointment with the doc and then we will be saying good bye to Kansas and hello California.  Good night.

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