Friday, March 9, 2012

Second Chance

My life may not be going the way I planned it, but it is going EXACTLY the way God planned it.

My husband and another dad took the kids out for dinner and a movie so I have the evening to myself. You would think I would be doing something much more exciting than this but the truth is I don't feel very good and wasn't up to going any where. I also realized it had been quite a while since I wrote an update and I figured there was not better time than this. My life has been really busy and I haven't had much down time. I have to say that is a good thing. I am amazed at how quickly I could forget how sick I was. In some ways I think it is a good think. However, it does create some issues with not over doing it. In my opinion my energy is still horrible and I still wake up tired not matter how well I slept. (I am sleeping much better by the way) I try and remind myself though, that I am doing much more than I was 6 months or certainly a year ago. So my energy is better but I know I still have a long way to go. If I could only have that bouncing of the wall feeling a few days a week that would be great.

Overall, I have done fairly well since coming back from the Hansa Center. I have not had any seizure episodes. My muscle spasms are 95% better. My pain has been almost non-existent and my brain function has improved somewhat. I had a little reality check though this past week with some joint and muscle pain, poor brain function, heart issues, etc...It has been a little frustrating but I can't really complain. It is interesting that this has been happening during the full moon and solar flares that have been happening. It seems really consistent among most of us with Lyme at least that feel worse during the full moon. I am hoping that is all it is. I got my new herbal remedy for this horrible allergies I have been having. Within 3 doses my symptoms had improved dramatically but they have come back. It seems like taking the remedy things clear up fairly quickly for a little bit but they come back within a few hours. Hoping we can get them under control soon.

As far as my treatment doctor here in San Diego had wanted my to start back up on the light therapy a few weeks ago. I am holding off for at least a little while more. That treatment is not cheap and I don't have any measurable results. That makes it hard to know if it is working. I have continued with acupuncture fairly regularly and am doing my epsom salt baths and the sauna. I will admit I am not doing the sauna nearly enough so I am trying to get up and do it first thing every morning. I did reach my 60 day mark since starting my remedies so I have stopped them. So other than my heart medication, the remedy for allergies, vit d, and one other pill I don't take anything. To go from almost 50 pills a day  and IV's to this is amazing. It is really evidence as to how far I have come. I am hoping to redo some of my blood tests, like my CD 57 to see what they are indicating within the next month or so.

The really good news is I am going back to Hansa in a little more than a week. Although I only get to stay for 3 days I am really excited to get a tune up and see how much I have improved and what else we can tune up. The best news is I am taking both of my girls. Although my husband doesn't get to go I can't wait to find out what they see in my girls and what we can do to get them on the right track. It is a total blessing that my friends from when I went in January will be there at the same time. I can't even say how much I have missed them. Plus, they are helping me with the girls while I am in treatment.  You can bet I am going to blog about that whole experience when we go.

I feel like I have so much more to tell you but I guess it will have to wait for another time. If you wouldn't mind praying for our trip which is March 18-21. Please pray for safety, answers and improvements for myself, Jenna and Brooke. Also please pray for our financial situation and some big decisions we have coming up. God is continuing to bless us and it will be exciting to share all of the details of my photography venture and what God is doing over the next few months. As always, thank you for your continued support, kind words and prayers. I will try to get back to blogging more often so you know what is going on and where I am on this crazy journey called life.

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  1. How funny!! I was just looking all over for a blog update!! That's just weird..I can really see a difference in how things are from before you went to are doing softball games and out enjoying life more...I pray that things continue to get even better for you both in health and in finances...My prayers are definitely with you and Jenna and Brooke as you embark on this adventure will have a great time, I just know it!! I think of you all of the time and send positive thoughts your way. I love and miss you lots Jess..when you get back, lets get together, ok?? Hugs!!