Monday, March 7, 2011

Considering My Options

I really want to post an update but the task seems daunting. My brain fog and other symptoms continue making it hard to concentrate and use the right words. I will try though to clue you into what has been going on in the past week or so. Nothing has changed with my treatment. Symptoms are really the same. I am still waiting to do that new Spriostat test. I am praying the kits came in and we can do it in the morning when I go in to get my port accessed. I am really hesitant to say that I may have noticed a tiny improvement or change in energy. I am still very tired most days and have been sleeping more during the day than I was. However, there have been a  handful of mornings that I have been able to push through some tasks before really getting tired. I am hoping that this will last and continue to improve. My ears have been ringing a little more, I definitely have more muscle spasms, and shortness of breath. On a bad note the creepy crawly weak feeling in my arms and legs is back. Hate it. It makes me want to chop my arms and legs off. It is such an uncomfortable feeling. Anyways, I do have something kind of new and exciting to bring up.

I am looking into another treatment option after a friend of mine has seen dramatic improvements. For starters it involves going to Germany. I don't have a ton of details for you but I will go over the little bit I know. I would be going to a place called Privatklinik. It is run by Dr. Ursula Jacob. She is very well known. In the US she is probably most well known for treating Farrah Faucet's cancer for a while. The actual treatments I would go through would be really individualized for me. I know it would involve a lot of IV therapy, hypathermia (high heat to kill spirochites), and less antibiotics. They have some great testing that they can do to really pinpoint my specific problems and they make my meds and supplements for me based on what I need and will respond to. I would probably stay in the "apartments" across the street. The great part is...2 to 3 weeks and I get to come home. Now being away from my family for 2 to 3 weeks would be no small feat. However, the thought of being gone, with nothing to focus on but myself and getting well, and coming home in 2 to 3 weeks with dramatic improvement is beyond exciting. The biggest question will be cost. My plan of attack from here is to gather all of my labs, this includes waiting for the results of the spirostat, and sending them over to the klinik. They will review my medical records, design a treatment plan, and send me a cost estimate. It is very hard for me to be patient. I wanted to send them medical records as soon as I got off the phone with one of the Doctors. Just tell me a price now! But as I have been learning about patience through this experience, I know I must wait until I have all of the information. If this is the road God wants me to go down, then I will trust that He will open all of the right doors including making the finances available. Please keep this in your prayers. It is very disheartening when almost all of the lymies I have met are well into treatment months if not years and not getting better. My friend that told me about this place in Germany, is actually there right now. She tried for 2 years to get better in the States. She goes there and in about a week is seeing drastic improvements. She can't say enough positive things about what she has experienced so far. I would much rather intensely face this disease for a few weeks and then follow up then be involved for treatment that rules my life for years. So I guess that is it for now. Oh ya, and one more thing my last CD-57 was up to 51. So it has improved a little. God has continued to bless our family during these trying times and we are so grateful. So until next time...


  1. Hello Jessica,
    My sister forwarded your blog to me as we were recently referred to Dr. Jacob by our doctor and were cuious as to how you and your friend came upon Dr. Jacob and the German clinic and if you actually spoke with her re your symptoms. I heard the treatment can be an exhorbitant amount of money and was wondering if you knew how much it would cost.
    Wishing you the best in whatever treatment you receive on your road to better health!