Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update on Doctors Appt.

It's my lyme cycle week so my symptoms are a little worse than other days and I am super tired so I am going to try and make this short. I feel like a lot has happened and I don't  know that I am fully prepared to process everything but I am doing my best. Let me just stop a for a minute and ask that you keep all of those affected by the worlds recent disasters in your prayers. What a tragedy.

Although I am a little bit hesitant to admit it, I think I may be starting to feel a little better. My dad said he has definitely noticed recently just that I am smiling more and physically look a little better. This disease is hard to gauge so you don't know if it is the calm before the storm or what. In my case though, I may actually be improving. To my surprise, when I went in for my weekly doctors appointment, the doctor had just been faxed my Spirostat test results. I was expecting to have to wait at least another 3 weeks. The doctor hands me a piece of paper and says your blood work is clear...no lyme or co-infections shown. Now that shocked me quite a bit for how I have still been feeling and all I was expecting so see something. I think what I would like to have is another one of those Spirostat tests from 6 months or a year ago to compare. Since this is a different type of testing I don't have anything to compare it too. My doctor was pleased with the results. He said treatment must be working and we have managed to clear the lyme out of my blood. The lyme is not gone. I still have it hiding in some other places. But the progress is still good. The doctor did say there is no way to tell that the lyme is gone. So it does appear I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life. Still though we are making progress. Nothing will change in my current treatment. We will continue and hopefully in the next 3 to 5 months I will really begin to feel better. He won't do the IV for much longer than 8 months. So if I have not made significant progress we will have to try something else. He did say, when we get to the point that I am feeling much better that we will switch to some herbal stuff, colloidal silver, and do antibiotics for about a month every 6 months or so.

On the money side, God provided for us again and at the perfect time. The medical bills are beginning to come in. I had to pay for the Spirostat test, plus my part of the surgery, and now for the IV's. The great news is it looks like my IV's and weekly appointment will cost me roughly $95 a week. Less than what we originally thought so I can't complain. It is a lot less than what my other Lymie friends are paying so I feel blessed.

Last but not least I still am looking into Germany. With my test result in early, the e-mail with all of my labs has been sent over. Now it is time to wait and see what they say. Excited and exhausted. My husband and I have been taking in a lot of information lately and would just ask that you pray that God gives us discernment to sort through everything. You read good and bad, real and not, scam or best deal...on everything including disease, tests, and treatments. We just want to do what is right. Thanks for checking in. Will keep you posted on what happens with Germany and how I am feeling. have a blessed day.


  1. Now that is some good positive news!!!! Always in my thoughts and prayers Jessica!!

    Love you lots!!



  2. I found Dr. Jacob through my friend who is German. How she found her I'm not sure. She had an amazing experience. I just got my treatment proposal and cost estimate. I will relocated you as much as you want to know. You can e-mail me at jessicamadson@cox.net. I will also post a little later today.