Friday, February 25, 2011

Lyme in the Brain

This post isn't very exciting or happy for that matter. It is one that I need to write however just to get rid of some of the junk floating around inside of me. It is also one that I will wonder if I should even make public. I realize though that one you have a choice to read this and second it is the truth. This is my reality and the reality for a lot of other lymies. It wasn't until more recently that I really began to understand how much this disease can and does mess with your head. Besides the forgetfulness, ADD and brainfog type symptoms it really can begin to mess with your emotions and feelings. I realize now when people close to me have commented on how I have changed..."You never used to be so impatient" or "You always used to be happy and now you never seem to be happy" that the lyme disease has gotten to my brain. I know it must be easy from the outside looking in to think that I am blaming everything on lyme. Well is some ways I am but it is only because that is the reality of this disease. It can get to every organ, tissue and system in your body. Nothing is off limits. I have had some really rough times as a mom feeling so guilty and ashamed for my outbursts and yelling at my kids. I could never understand where these frustrated feelings would come from. It is a very real feeling that builds up inside of me so quickly and I just lose it. I have done it over the phone to credit card people, in the Verizon store, at my husband. I have embarrassed him on at least a few occasions for losing my temper. It is a very out of control feeling. After learning more about this disease and hearing from other lyme patients I realize that those episodes were what is known as Lyme Rage. I haven't had it nearly as much but in the last week or two it has come creeping back. I would just rather not be around anyone for fear they may push my buttons. On top of this and it seems most often when I am in this state of mind I am most prone to depression. I do not believe I will need to take medication for this. I just need to get rid of the lyme. However, if you have never been depressed, it can be a very dark place. These are the moments when I have literally fallen on the floor, sobbing and screaming at God to fix this, to take me out of the pit I am in because I didn't know what would happen if it went any further. I am so thankful God has rescued me each time. Then I get to this place where I almost feel nothing. That happened this morning. I couldn't figure out what to do. I needed to go the store but I needed to figure out if I even had money to get what I needed or I guess wanted. I wanted to get a coffee but knew I shouldn't spend my last few bucks on that. I ended up sitting in my truck in a parking lot listening to the radio unable to make a decision on anything. I eventually ended up back at home without spending a penny. I just can't seem to make up my mind about simple things and everything becomes a big deal. I need to eat but I am not really hungry and nothing sounds good so it would be easier to just avoid that. But if I don't eat I can't take me medicine which means I am prolonging getting better. It just becomes almost anxiety producing to have to think about anything. I would rather just stay in bed under the covers until this passes. Not the way my life works. It is very hard to explain this to someone including my husband. I think most people with this disease or even people with depression would tell you it is very hard to explain. It is not just a matter of getting over it, thinking positive and it will all be okay. Very aggravating and something I hope has big improvements when I am all done with this and that any phases of this that I experience while I am getting better will be short. Just know that in this state of mind everything around me is very overwhelming and don't expect me to make a decision on anything. With that being said, I really don't want to discuss it but will just ask for a little understanding and a lot prayers. Thanks.


  1. Thank you Jess for continuing to share this journey with us! I am humbled by your strength and will.
    We love you and your family!!!!!!!!,
    Eric & Patricia Schulken

  2. Jess~

    You are in my prayers everyday....just know that you NEVER have to explain anything to me on how you are feeling or act....I know that you are not yourself...PLEASE do not beat yourself up about this...try the best you can to "go with what God is giving you" knowing that your story is making an impact on many people because you are sharing all of this information and what you are going through...and how to appreciate life and not things...You have my utmost respect for dealing with this terrible disease head on, I can tell it is not easy and I know that others may not have the strength that you have to make it through this...but you do Jessica! You are a VERY strong woman with alot of support behind you to assist you in this battle...

    Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers....

    Your friend,


  3. Thank you for posting this! This is exactly how I feel right now and I feel like no one understands! I am glad other lyme people do. Hang in there, I am right there with you!!!

  4. Do you mind if I post this entry on my blog to educate others?

  5. Julie you can certainly post it. If anybody can gain something from it all the better.

  6. Thanks, I am all about educating people!!