Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Spoke To Soon

Some of my lyme friends have had a really hard time lately. They seem to be lapsing or just having really bad herxes. In fact my one friend ended up in the ER after having a seizure and losing consciousness. To read her account of what happend is downright scary. In typical lyme fashion, once in the ER they can't find anything wrong with her. Blood work looks good, PICC line looks fine, EKG is good. So frustrating as you are left guessing what your problem is. I have probably told this story before but I will tell it again...Shortly before I got diagnosed with lyme, I had a really scary episode. I got up to get ready for work. Luckily my husband was home at that time. I got in the shower and actually wasn't feeling too bad. I think I may have even slept good the night before. A few minutes into my shower I got this really strange feeling and I almost passed out.  Thankfully I didn't and was able to get out of the shower. I remember sitting down and calling for my husband. I just said I don't know whats wrong with me. I almost passed out and I don't feel right. I couldn't even describe how I felt other than not right and it was scary. I was so close to calling 911. Of course I was living in the city I work in and didn't want my "guys" at the FD to have to take me to the hospital again. That already happened once when my heart rate was cranking. We had had a stress test earlier that day and my heart rate shot up to 272. Yes...that is correct 272. I even have the print out to prove it. A few hours later my heart was at 150. I was sitting at my desk. So I had to go to the station and get checked out. Not fun when you work with these guys on a regular basis. They said sorry, you gotta go. In both of those events, I had a CT to make sure I didn't have a pulmonary embolism. All blood work came back normal and they had to send me home with no idea what was wrong with me. Talk about feeling like you are crazy!
After reading so much about my what my friends and other lyme patients have gone through, I just said to my family how blessed I feel that I haven't had a seizure or anything. In fact, I said, it is weird with as sick as all my doctors say I am, and all my tests show I am, my symptoms although bad have not been as serious as some other people. I don't know if that means we are treating things just with the right amount or that we aren't getting to the bugs like we should. Hopefully this new blood test will tell. (Unfortunately, they ran out of kits and I have to wait until next Tuesday to have it done. I was bummed.) I am wondering if I spoke to soon. I went to my usual Tuesday appointment this morning to have my port accessed and first IV done. I ate something and was drinking plenty so my anticipated blood test would go off with no problems. Well God must of known what was coming because if I would have had my blood test first I think things would have gone worse. The nurse came in and hooked me up as my doctor was out of town. She actually checked my blood pressure ahead of time which we usually don't do but it was normal. We opened up the IV the same as we always do. It seemed like a matter of seconds and I started to not feel good. I got really warm, lightheaded and dizzy. I was sitting down and pushed my stuff out of the way cause I thought I was going to have lay down so I didn't pass out. The problem when I feel like this is no position makes me feel better. I still feel like I might black out even if I am laying down. The nurse came back in and I just said I am not doing good. I was powering down my water so she brought me some more and told me to just sit.  Our guess is that I didn't like the magnesium in my IV this morning. It was just to much to quick. Horrible feeling though. My heart was pounding so I checked my heart rate with an app I have on my phone. That didn't help as it was jumping all over. I usually have luck with this app and it seems to be right on. This time it was going anywhere between 92 and 200. Well that wasn't helping me relax. I had the nurse check it and it seemed okay to her. I finally started to feel better. Made it home okay and ate some more. I have drinking lots. I definitely seem to be herxing today as I have had some joint and bone pain and just don't feel good. I am hoping I feel okay later because it is Jenna's first softball game ever and I certainly don't want to miss it. I am a little nervous because I have been really bad about taking some liquid supplements. I told myself I have to get really back on track with not missing a thing but I decided I need to take this supplement slow like I did in the beginning. I think it helps bring the bugs out of hiding and I haven't really taken it since I have been on my IV. If that is the case, I may start killing a lot more bugs which means I will feel way worse. So I will take it slow and do everything I need to do. I just have to say that dealing with this disease really is a full time job and my life doesn't allow me or many other people to do nothing but deal with this. I still need to try and get the kids up and ready for school. If I stopped doing everything things would get so much more difficult for my family but I am realizing I need to cut back. I am really going to try and focus on my diet, meds, and things to help detox. Plus a lot of prayer and time in the Bible. We will see where things go but I am praying I don't go where I did this morning again. With that I am off to try and nap...wish me luck. I couldn't sleep last night.

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  1. Oh girl, I can definitely relate. I hate spending money at the ER to only find out nothing AGAIN! We just made a trip about 4 weeks ago. No fun!!

    I can relate with your passing out symptoms too. Mine have been horrible lately and exactly as you described. My hubby and I did some experiments and actually figured out it was a supplement I was taking to help me detox. Apparently, it was detoxing me too hard. So, I stopped it and things have been a bit better. I am bad at taking supplements too! We should make a med pack and hold each accountable to taking everything on our list. I'm game if your game! :)

    Oh by the way, if you run Mag too fast, you will get episodes like that. Also, if they put too much mag in your IV then it can do funky things to your heart! I will be praying for you girl! Hang in there! Health is just around the corner for us! In the meantime, we will just keep putting one stop in front of the other until we are healed. Keep clining to Jesus. He is going to bring us through this! (((Hugs)))!