Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on 2011

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that another year has gone by. Why is it that the older we get the faster time goes by? Well this past year has been a whirlwind for me and my family. It has been filled with ups and downs and a few surprises. I am happy to say that at least I have a reason for why I haven't been feeling well. I finally can say I am not crazy and I was right to think I wasn't feeling like a 32/33 year old should feel. I am definitely looking forward to finding out what it feels like to feel good. I haven't felt good for at least 15 years so it is hard to remember what it feels like to have a normal amount of energy and just feel normal.

I have so much I would love to accomplish this year. I guess I just need to remember not to be too hard on my self when I can't do everything I want. I would love to start this year all organized, with a perfectly clean house, and all caught up on laundry. The reality is that won't happen. I need to realize my limitations and stop pushing myself beyond my limits. That is certainly not going to help my get any better. It looks like I will be starting this year off with a minor surgery and some challenges that are definitely going to test me. I am looking forward to these challenges drawing me closer to God and making me a stronger person.

I am fearful and excited at the same time about what my future might hold. I do believe with all of my heart that I am going through this trial for a reason. Something good is supposed to come out it. I definitely need to spend some time in pray on the matter.

As far as New Years resolutions go... Well I have always enjoyed making them but I have never keep them for long. I certainly have the usual ones that pop into my head like eat better and exercise more. This year I need to focus on my diet for sure. I need to get extra rest. I need to spend more time or I guess just time reading my Bible. That is one thing I have never been good at. I don't know where I should start. I allow my self to get distracted and I don't make it part of my regular routine. I am hoping to change that this year. I also need to become better organized. That may come with healing of the Lyme disease. It has definitely affected me neurologically. I admit some of my problem with staying neat and organized is habit but a good part of it is neurological as well. My boss would love it if I came back to work a much neater and organized person. Let's hope. I or should I say we (Ryan and I) need to take better control of the finances. I haven't been able to even focus on that the past 5 months due to the disability issue. Of course my prayer is disability gets approved so we can get back on track financially. To be honest we still owe some taxes from 2010 and the government would like their money. I had no ides we were going to be in this position so that is one of the things that has suffered. I have one other bill I am behind on that I need to get caught up on. If the disability is approved all of that will be taken care and we will have some money left to start us off right knowing my medical expenses are coming. I am hoping this week I will get the answer i have been praying for. If you thin about it, please say a prayer about that for us.

Well I am not sure what else to say. I got a little off course but I mainly just wanted to look back on 2010 and look towards 2011. I look forward to continuing to share my journey with you and as always I enjoy reading your comments and answering your questions. May you have a healthy and happy 2011!

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