Monday, April 25, 2011

It can't be good can it?

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the fact that He has risen. I was able to spend some time with friends which was nice. This past week has been a little busy. It has been hard having the kids off of school. The weather went from great last a week ago to overcast and cool the whole week. It wasn't bad but we ended up in the house a lot more than I was expecting. I was hoping to do something fun with the girls while they were off but things just didn't come together. I think they still had an okay week off though. It will be nice when they go back to school tomorrow.

Nothing much has changed since the end of last week. I still have to get myself together as far as tracking my symptoms  go and just making sure that I have a really good and simple plan in place for getting all of my meds, supplements, and food in everyday. I just can't seem to do that stuff if I am out and about. That obviously won't work when I am back at work. I am still waiting to here back some from work about some of the final details for me coming back. STRESSFUL!

On a different note, I have been waiting for some basic blood work to come back. I figured the doctor would go over the results when I came in for my IV on Tuesday. I haven't seen the doctor in the last few weeks. Usually he pops in when I am getting my IV and just checks in but I think the last two weeks I haven't got to see him. On Saturday, I took the girls to a birthday party and while I am sitting there my phone rings. I look down and see that it's the doctors office. That is funny but it must just be the automated system telling me I have a message. His office uses a message system to give you blood test results and stuff but I still thought it was weird to be calling on a Saturday. I answer the phone and it's the doctor. My heart kind of stops and he says he got my blood tests results in. Now I am silently starting to panic. This can't be good if the doctor is calling me, himself, on a Saturday afternoon. Well basically everything looks fine. Really? I guess I have a pretty amazing doctor to call on a Saturday to tell me that. My CD-57 has gone up a  little more to 61. Over 60 for a Lymie is good but it needs to be back up too 200 or so when we are "all done" with treatment so to speak. At least my immune system should be starting to function on it's own a little bit. My concern with that is, if my immune system starts fighting some of the Lyme or co-infections itself am I going to start to feeling worse again? I guess time will tell. The only test that was low was my Vitamin D. This is somewhat concerning because I had boarder line numbers for Osteoporosis last year and I eat a lot of dairy. I have been taking Vit D supplements for a while and now the doctor wants me to increase them. I will ask more about that on Tuesday. I am guessing there is something I may need to take to help the absorption. The doctor asked how I was doing and if I was still feeling better. I explained that I was feeling better than I did 6 months ago but that I had this increase in my joint and bone pain. I had maybe more days with no pain but more days with intense pain if that makes sense. He told me to remind him and on Tuesday that he is going to add a Vitamin C treatment to my IV after my meds and send me home with some to do at home. I will find out more about that on Tuesday as well. Needless to say the call was good.

Despite the fact that I am supposed to go back to work in a few weeks we are still struggling financially and will be for a while. God has provided every step of the way even if it is not how I pictured things going. I am super excited and blessed that some of photos have sold. I do paid from my work even if it is only a few dollars per order. I am more excited that people are buying my work. I can't wait to get a chance to take some more pictures and add them to albums. People buying my work is probably one of the best feelings I have had (next to getting married and having my daughters). It gets me dreaming again, something I had stopped doing. Dreaming about the future and believing in possibilities. You can check out my work at my link on the top of the page. I love feed back and to know you visited even if you don't buy anything. ( To take a chance and try to help pay for some of my medical bills and treatment I also set up a donation page. You can click on the donate now button at the top of my page or go visit my page at

I will keep you updated on the what the doctor says and work and well just life for us. Thanks for following along on my crazy journey called life. Oh and Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.

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