Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Don't Want to be a Chicken

I'm going to keep this short since keep saying I need to go to bed early and every night I'm up way later than intended. So my herxes have definitely increased with the full dose of doxy. It didn't happen right away like I thought but the past 3 or 4days with the exception of today have been a little rough. The joint pain has not been as much but a lot more nerve pain, mostly burning or pins and needles, and the twitching. I am trying to have a sense of humor about it all. I have never been good at laughing at myself but I figure now is a great time to learn. Laughing is good for you and I want to take the edge off for everyone. So my husband and I have been trying to come up with a nickname for me. I told him I could be his spirocutie which just made us both laugh. He said because "Twitch" is already taken (by a pro motocross guy with terrets) maybe he could call me "Jerk". Ha, ha, ha, honey very funny is all I have to say to that. So my twitching or jerking has been bad which can be upsetting to everyone. Freaks my husband and the kids out sometimes. So the other day my twitching was causing me to make my right arm punch up sometimes a few times right in a row so I just looked at my husband and said "Rock On!". We laughed. A common twitch with lyme is called the lyme shrug which is kind of like shrugging your shoulders. Here I was doing the lyme shrug and my leg kept coming up so my 7 yr old says "Mom quit walking like a chicken". She proceeded to immitate every twitch I had for the next few minutes which just made us both laugh and laugh. It felt good. In all honesty though I don't want to be a chicken...:). So we'll see. I started my second antibiotic tonight-tinidazole. Unfortuneately this doesn't mean I get to stop the doxy. Two meds killing the bugs can definitely bring on the herxing. Praying it is tolerable. I also started on naltrexone, which in low doses, is supposed to boost my immune system. That is a good thing but it can also mean bad herxing. When my immune system kicks in and starts killing bugs on top of the meds it can really kick your butt. At least I know the bugs are dying. I guess I need to bring this to a close since I meant to go to bed early. Now I'll just be in bed on time. Who knows when I'll fall asleep.

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