Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Have to Say It

I just had to make one last short post about my big day tomorrow. I'm going back to work-part time that is. I am freaking out to say the least. Nervous and excited for a lot of different reasons. A lot has gone on since I left and it will be interesting to see how much my position has changed it's focus or areas of responsibility. I have a new full time co-worker. She was part time for a few weeks before I left and is a friend of mine so I am looking forward to having a female partner in crime but I will miss my other co-worker dearly. No one could ever replace him. I am excited to see everyone and to help contribute to my mounting medical bills. I am nervous though about how I will physically and mentally be able to handle everything. Unfortunately, although I have had some good days the past week my bone and joint pain has come back. I should have one more week before my Lyme week so I'm not sure what is up. Now I know I can herx or have symptoms at anytime but I was just so excited that it was gone with that first round of IV C. Needed a nap today too but I attribute that to the busy weekend we have had. Yesterday was a crazy long day for me so I can't complain.  Anyways, it is certainly my goal to try and get to bed early since I am sure I will have problems falling asleep. So I guess I will keep you updated later in the week as to how things are going. I will want to let you know how work is going and how my heavy metal chelation goes. Please pray lots. Wish I was having a pain free day to set me up for tomorrow. But I guess I would rather have the pain today if it means maybe I won't have it tomorrow. Now off to finish getting ready for the week. Groceries, meds lined out, lunches taken care of, symptom notebook, uniforms. Oh please, please let me have at least one uniform that fits. When I was taking my ADD meds, it made me not hungry and the weight feel off. I actually got back down to high school weight which I never thought I would see again. Problem with that med was as soon as I stopped taking it, even a day, my hunger came back with a vengeance. Now I have been maintaining. I can't complain because a lot of Lymies lose weight like crazy and get too thin. However I am maintaining at one of my heavier weights. So I am so hoping I have a nice fitting uniform for my first day back. I don't want to have to hold my breath the whole day. :)

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