Monday, May 16, 2011

Going Backwards

What a first "week" back to work. I say "week" because I am only working three days but that is all I can handle right now. Actually, I am not even sure I can handle that. I guess it is not fair to judge how I am doing off of only 4 days but it was a lot tougher than I thought. First off, my Lyme cycle seems to have shown up early and has decided to stay late. I thought I was going to escape my first few days with no real problems. Wrong! The joint and bone pain that started back in over a week ago has managed to stick around. That is so frustrating. I was so excited to think that the Vitamin C was going to help eliminate it. Maybe it's the cyst buster I  started taking causing a herx. Who knows for sure but I was just excited to think it was gone. I was definitely more tired than I thought I was going to be. When I get off I am ready to skip dinner and go straight to bed. Problem is it's only 3:30. I was just tired and in pain. I have also had a sore throat off and on. This morning I woke up with the sore throat and a headache. By noon I was feeling horrible. I just wanted to be in bed. I took some Advil and went to take a nap in my car. How sad it that? I have to go into the parking garage and take a nap in my car at lunch. I did make it through my day but I honestly didn't expect to be awake right now. The headache is gone for the most part but my back hurts, the bone pain is starting in, my muscles hurt...on and on the list goes. Other than having a major heart freak out today, so far I have had almost every symptom I have ever had. My face started to go numb for a few seconds, I had occasional burning nerve pain, ringing in the ears, burning sore eyes, brain fog, a twitch now and then. It was just a rough day. Unfortunately it wears me down mentally and emotionally. I am expecting the rest of this week to be rough. Maybe some of this has to do with my chelation for heavy metals as well. Regardless of the reason I get a two week break from my Tindamax (cyst buster) and hopefully my Lyme cycle will be done hear in the next few days so next week I can get an idea of how I do when I am feeling somewhat decent. It has just been a rough start. I have labs I have to do that I keep forgetting to do this week and I am hoping to hear a little something from the doctor on Thursday.
One good thing has been that my coworkers make me laugh. I have missed the joking around and it feels good to laugh a lot. On the flip side, just as I thought, things are changing at work. Roles, responsibilities, projects- a lot of it has yet to be revealed but I know for a fact things are changing. I also know that I was only approved to work this schedule for 60 days, calendar days. So basically by July 7th I am either going back to work full time, asking for more time to work a modified schedule, or well lets not go there. Right now it is really just going to be a lot of prayer and taking it one day at a time.
I don't want to go to bankrupt. I don't want to keep asking for money or help. I would like to move my family back into our own house. I can't sacrifice my health though, for any of that. The money or credit score or even having our own house again isn't going to mean anything if I am truly unable to function because my health has gone down the toilet because I was trying to do to much when I wasn't ready. This is a really tough position for me to be in. I could really use your prayers right now. Although I could always use prayers for healing or symptom relief and for finances, what I really need are prayers for guidance, direction, discernment. I need to know what God wants me to do. I need the right doors to open and the other doors to close so I can just know I am following God, not myself, my husband, the world.  I am trying to keep a positive attitude. I am not sharing all of my negative thoughts on Facebook and am putting on a happy face as much as possible. This is my one place to just let it out. Thanks for keeping up on this crazy journey of mine. You have all been amazing. I am blessed by your kind words, your prayers, and your support with my treatment.  Be back soon I'm sure.


  1. I pray for you always Jess!! I love you and you are doing awesome!! Hang in there!! Luckily you rock as an inspector!! It is normal for it to take a bit to get used you said, do not push it..


    Dawn =)

  2. Dear Jess... It IS a rough road... I just got back from Germany... it definitely helped a LOT. I am NOT 100% yet, but they have some interesting things going on for treatment that I haven't seen here. I will have to write you a longer e mail about it...
    I am praying for you and hoping that work will be a blessing for you too... Give it a little time to see how you will do... we Lymies take time adjusting to things and sometimes it settles in... so give it a chance before deciding... GOD will show the way, in His time... You are safe, He will take care of you, Jess!!! Lots of Love, Steph

  3. I really hope things get better and better each day!!