Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick Update

So just a quick a update after last nights rant. Disability is lame and still messing around right now. I have no choice but to trust God will get us through the money issue. Had phone appointment with my llnd today. Switching one med out for a different one and adding two more over the next few weeks. Well adding one for sure. The second one she said we had to work on getting insurance to cover otherwise it sounds like we would have to millionaires to afford it. She is not opposed to the IV meds my other doc says I'll need at some point. She wants to make sure we are covering all forms of lyme and the coinfections. Next appointment with other dr on Tuesday. Cardiology for Jenna tomorrow. I'll try to update after Jenna's appointment. Now off the bed after a fairly intense twitching episode. Those wear me out. Now my muscles are sore and some of the nerves in my back are on fire. So some good rest is much needed.

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