Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do A Little Dance

People that know me the best know that I like to dance. Well actually I love to dance. It is almost torture to be some where, especially with a dance floor, when a good song comes on. I can't sit still. I have a constant need to move to the beat of the music, in church, in the car, at home...Anyways I think you get the point. So the other day I made up a new dance. I decided to call it the Trader Joe Twitch. It is so easy to do I figured I would share it with you just in case you wanted to try it. All you have to do is grab a shopping cart, walk into your local Trader Joe's, and then begin having a seizure as you push your cart around the store.

That's right, after almost 3 months of no seizures I had one the other day when I was grocery shopping. I felt like one was coming on for about 3 days. I tried so hard to make it go away but with no such luck. I needed to get my shopping done so I just carefully maneuvered my cart through the store trying to not accidentally hit someone or give them my almost famous seizure thumbs up. I tried to keep my vocalizations quiet enough as to not draw attention and I fumbled my way through a conversation with the checker, stuttering as I went. I had a few choice words running through my head as I let my frustration get the best of me. What the heck is going on? Why do I feel so bad again? I don't understand.

For close to a month now I feel like I have been starting to regress a little bit. I assumed that the transient pain that was starting to reappear had to do with stopping my remedies to early by mistake. However when I went back to Kansas last month, the remedies I thought would be responsible my body didn't want anymore. To make it even more frustrating, it looked as if my Lyme was under much better control but my viruses were really a problem. Any progress I had the second go around is gone and the last week, especially the last few days have been hell. I am beyond tired, my brain is pretty much worthless, the seizure, and the PAIN! Muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, bone pain. The joint and the bone pain are at getting fairly high up on my pain scale and it has been this intense for three days now. That has never happened. Time to e-mail the doc and see what his thoughts are. I have been trying to detox more than normal and don't feel like I am getting any relief.

I am so bummed out right now. I guess I just thought things were really moving in the right direction (which they may be) and that I was reaching a stopping point so I feel like I am so moving backwards. I have been reminded recently though that my treatment is almost for sure going to be long, really long, term. I have been sick for over 26 yrs and I can't expect to get better in a year or even 2 years. I feel like I am at some sort of cross roads though on what I do for treatment. Frankly weather I go back to antibiotics or stay on the natural road with Hansa or someone else we are out of money. So unless I win the lottery the best treatment for me at this point is probably not going to be an option I have. I just feel lost at this point. I don't feel like I am even able to make the best treatment choice anymore. I need a third person to come in and hear what all the doctors have to say, and do some research and help me sort all of this out. It is just to much.

To make things more complicated, we of course I dealing with the fact the our 8 yr old has Lyme. I found out this week she has been suffering from the ringing in the ears and her intermittent dizzy spells are happening almost daily. She also broke out in the worst case of hives she has had in years. I don't know if this is a healing crisis, if the remedies have stirred up the Lyme and the bacteria is changing form, or what is going on. Her pediatrician doesn't even know about the diagnosis yet and frankly can't treat her as she knows nothing about it. I so wanted to go the natural route with my kids but am not sure if that is going to work. Both of my natural options are probably out of the question financially. Switching the kids to my doc would work for a little bit but again the natural therapies would cost more than we can afford. If I stop all treatment I will go backwards and could end up not able to care for my family at all. Yet at the same time, I won't let my daughter suffer. This is really something only God can handle. I have to remember to just give it up to him.

I'll let you know what the doctors say and how things go over the next week. Prayers and positive energy are always appreciated. Oh and I finally have a website for my new business. Please check it out and let me know if you could use my services.  www.surfchaserphoto.com

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  1. Jess~I finally got to read this!! Oh I am hoping that things will get better...too bad the natural way has to be the expensive way..It seemed you responded so well to the Hansa treatment and I know you would like to keep that up...I hope and pray that God will guide you through this and provide blessings to assist you. We can alwaysdo another fundraiser....please keep me posted on how things are going..I will be in touch.
    I love you dearly and think of you daily..hugs sweetie...