Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm Off to See the Wizard

As 2011 comes to a close I am really looking forward to starting 2012. This is by far one of the most interesting starts to a New Year I have ever had. I must admit that I am a little emotional and having a hard time at thought of leaving of my family for two weeks. That is a long time to be away from your spouse for sure but it seems like an eternity to be away from your children. I have at least one friend who knows how this feels. He has had to leave his family for the same reason I am leaving mine, in pursuit of getting his health  back, which in turn means his life back.

Going to see Dr. Jernigan and the whole team at the Hansa Center in Wichita Kansas is a gamble. Like most things in life there is no guarantee. I stand to lose two weeks of time with my family, and almost every last dollar I have for treatment on this trip if it is a failure. But I stand to gain my health and my life back if it is a success. The gains exceed the risks for me. I believe whole heartedly that God has brought me to this point for a reason. I have faith this is exactly where I need to be. As nervous as I am, I also couldn't be more excited. I have no doubt I will learn so much and my eyes will be open to some new ideas and new ways of thinking.

This two week jump start on 2012 is just the beginning for me. As I am still struggling with the fact that I lost my career with the Fire Department that I loved, I am also reminded that I have a world of opportunity at my finger tips. I can revisit the dreams and goals I had that got lost along the way. I can pursue whatever my heart desires now that so many things have been taken from me. I am choosing to see this as a blessing and an answer to a prayer. Not only did God answer my prayer to come home and be with my children (although not is the way I pictured) he reminded me of the things I am passionate about. He reminded me that I had a love and excitement for things that I had long since forgot about. I am excited about my life again and about what the future holds. I feel like anything is possible and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.

With that, I have some last minute packing to finish and some much needed time to spend with my family. I will do my best to blog about my experience regularly. It all depends on my internet access and how I am feeling. Regardless, you will end up with a full account of my experience. You can continue to support my treatments financial needs through my photography, my donation website, (both have links on my blog) or by donating directly to my donation account at any US Bank (Jessica Madson Donation Account, #153466674998). Of course I always appreciate your prayers, especially extra ones for a safe trip. I want to end by wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Praying God's blessings and protection for you and your loved ones.

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