Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Status Quo

Well another week of work has come to an end. I have once again survived. This week was a little tougher than the last. I did manage to have two days or so last week where my biggest issue was being tired. That was improvement from the previous few weeks. Unfortunately it didn't last long. Symptoms have ramped back up this week. The tiredness and fatigue never goes away. Some pain has come back. In fact today I have had a lot of the burning nerve pain migrating around. Yesterday I had a little tremor and twitching episode at work along with some weakness. I also had one little spot on the tip of my nose that was going numb on and off through out the day. This disease is so weird. I have had a lot of muscle aching back in my arms and the shortness of breath is back. I had to walk up a hill at a job site and got my butt kicked. So frustrating. I can't keep up on my supplements due to the money issue. I am hoping that once we get into me having a paycheck again we can get into a routine of being able to by supplements before they run out. I haven't had a chance to talk to the doctor about my labs with the heavy metal. Hopefully I can do that soon. Really, I just realized I have a lab slip for blood work that i have had for at least a month. I keep forgetting to go. Hate Lyme brain. Well anyways, I picked up something new today to try for detox. I also have inquired about the cost of HBOT but the place in San Diego I e-mailed hasn't gotten back to me. I hear it's really pricey but it is worth looking into. I just don't know if I can do it while I have my port in. I'm looking into it. I went and saw the eye doctor yesterday and my prescription has changed a little bit but the good news is there seems to be no damage from the Plaquenil I was taking. Not much else has changed. The symptoms just keep hanging in there and I'm not feeling much better. Some days has just knocked me out and put into bed as soon as I get home. The money and cost of my treatments is still a mess. There just isn't enough to cover it all but God has continued to provide and I am better off than a lot of other Lyme patients. We could still use your help though so if you are so inclined please check out the links to my photo site and purchase some of my work or go to my donation site and make a secure donation to help me cover my medical costs. I am hanging in there but could certainly still use your prayers. We have recently gained some ground in the Lyme community but we still have a long way to go in the political battle. Don't forget to watch the award winning documentary "Under Our Skin" as it is now available on demand for a lot of cable companies and also available for instant viewing on Netflix. I'll continue to keep you posted. I think there is a few other things that I wanted to say but at this point my brain just isn't cooperating.

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