Friday, September 9, 2011

Going International

It's been another couple of weeks and I kind of have a lot to say but may not get to it all. The past few days have been a little crazy to say the least. I have gone from feeling blessed to defeated and back again in just a matter of moments it seems. I have had some rough days physically but for a little while I was on an emotional high. I just felt blessed despite the pain. I still feel blessed but the devil is certainly using every opportunity to tear me down. The last few days I have had a substantial amount of pain. I'm having headaches almost daily. I've had a very loud ringing in my ears and lots of muscle spasms. I have a sore throat. The pain is the worst though.

I have had some substantial changes at work that I can't really say more about right now and my treatment has just been turned upside down. I had my doctors appointment yesterday and was expecting to start back on my abx including the IV Rocephin  2x a day, 3 days a week for the next two months. After meeting with the doctor and discussing symptoms, progress, etc...he informed me of the new plan. Now it is hard to think on my feet sometimes so I didn't really ask for the whys. I just said okay. I trust my doc. Since the appointment I have had a little more time to process things. This is a big change. I am going back on my two oral abx. They are both twice a day but one is two weeks on, two weeks off. Then we are switching my IV abx. I am now going to be using something called rifampin. I have heard a lot of others lymies use it. I am finding out though that a lot of them used it orally. They were usually put on it for a co-infection called Bartonella. I haven't been diagnosed with Bart but could still have it. My doc is putting me on it for the lyme though and said it has the added benefit of taking care of a number of co-infections as well. That all sounds great so far although it has really kicked some peoples butts. Then I find out it is 1 IV a day, infused over 1 hour, every day for 60 days. So I now have 60 days straight of IV's. I have to go in twice a week to the doctors office to get my needle changed out. Not looking so wonderful anymore but okay it is what the doctor wants. Now here comes the the US this medicine runs $50 a dose or higher. The few pharmacies I checked said my insurance won't cover it and for the 60 day supply I was looking at between $3000 to $4000. That would be the reason my doctor told me I need to go to Mexico to get it. Now 10 years ago that may not have been so bad. We went to TJ on occasion which wasn't a major deal. Now its a much bigger deal. I have to get a passport which could cost me $200. I need to expedite the passport process so I can get my meds asap. The doctor is supposed to call me with the pharmacy he wants me to use. The medicine should cost me closer to $600 down there. That is still not cheap but much more doable than getting it here in the US. I am not sure though how I feel about crossing the boarder with $600 cash and having to go through customs with a bunch of bottles of white powder. This is going to take some work and a lot of prayer to say the least. So I guess that is where things are at.

I am still in a prayer over going to the Hansa Center in Kansas. I did talk with them and it would cost me about $6000 to $7500 for two weeks maybe more. That is in addition to airfare and hotel. So if I could magically pull together about $10,000 then I would be gone it a heartbeat and leave my abx in Mexico. So things are really up in the air but I serve a big God. My prayer recently has been for me to submit to God's will and plan for my life without interfering. That has always been an on-gong request of mine as you know. How much do get involved with the issues at work or other things and try to change the direction they are going. I am finally learning to stop. I asked God if could make some of these things clear to me without them making sense. Like confirm that I am on the right path even when it doesn't sense. He did that very thing yesterday shortly after I prayed that prayer. Here was the answer he gave me through a friend..."Do not make decisions based on money".  The next few weeks will be really interesting and probably life changing. Thanks for your support.

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